April 26, 2024

Event organizers invest substantial time and resources into building an event app that enhances the attendee experience. The app serves as a digital hub, offering schedules, maps, networking opportunities, and real-time updates, dramatically improving the event experience for participants.

To help organizers encourage attendees to make the most of their event app, Whova offers a variety of resources. These include attendee reminder announcements, download portal and links, and flyers that are ready for organizers to share through email, social media, and website. These resources have enabled nearly all Whova customers to achieve download rates of 81 to 95%.

Whova has already released pre-made, ready-to-use videos such as the speaker highlight video and event teaser video. To take it up a notch, we’re excited to introduce our ready-to-share App Teaser Video! This engaging clip showcases your event, generates excitement, and offers enticing reasons to download the Whova app. You’ve invested in setting up an event app—now it’s time to let your attendees and the world know. 

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Maximize Engagement with Our Custom App Teaser Video

Videos are a great tool for event organizers to inform attendees, create excitement, and increase engagement. According to a recent study, 90% of marketers have seen a positive return on investment (ROI) with videos. On the flip side, 77% of people have bought or downloaded an app after watching a video about it. 

Use the effectiveness of video to your advantage with our App Teaser Video. This custom video will highlight your event information, including name, logo, date, and location. It will also showcase some quick tips for how to do the following: 

  • Download the app
  • Browse sessions and build personal schedules
  • View attendee and exhibitor list 
  • Network with other attendees and create meet-ups

The App Teaser Video gives users all the information they need to get the most out of your app

Launch and Leverage: Sharing Your App Teaser Video

Once your app is published within Whova, your App Teaser Video will be generated and ready to share. There will also be text to accompany your video as a social media post, but you will be able to make edits before posting. From there, you can download or directly share your video to start increasing event awareness and engagement among your attendees. 

Easily edit your ready-to-post draft before sharing the App Teaser Video 

Enhance Event Visibility on Social Media with App Teasers

Social media has revolutionized how event organizers connect with attendees, share updates, and build anticipation. It amplifies event visibility and fosters community involvement, ensuring memorable experiences. 

Boost downloads for your event app and generate buzz with Whova’s App Teaser Video and easy social sharing. This short video highlights your event to get people excited and offers quick tips on how to download the Whova app, check out sessions, build personal schedules, and connect with other attendees. 

To learn more about how Whova can help boost event awareness and engagement, schedule a free demo below!

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