Social media marketing is one of the most important landscapes to navigate in today’s day and age. Although extremely important, knowing what to post is a unique skill that not everyone has the time to master. In the past, Whova helped event organizers create social media content by providing you with automatically generated promotional videos for your speakers

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest enhancement to Whova’s video generation feature – one more brand new Event Teaser Video Template! This new template is designed to put the spotlight on your event’s content, particularly your valuable sessions. It’s a game-changer, allowing you to create engaging teaser videos that captivate your audience and give them a sneak peek into the richness of your event’s content. This is just one more way Whova is helping you take your event promotion to the next level.

Furthermore, this video also highlights your most valued sponsors and gives them additional visibility beyond your event, making it a great way to drive more revenue from them. 

The best part? It pulls from the information you’ve inputted into Whova’s dashboard, and requires no work from you to create!   Of course, if you want to customize, you can easily change the selection and regenerate the video.

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Create buzz and draw in more attendees

Designed to be the perfect post, this new video template starts by highlighting your event in full, giving viewers a brief overview that includes your event’s name, date, and logo to best ensure your branding gets shown. 

Then, the fully-generated video will showcase two of the most important parts of your event: your sessions and speakers. This includes your session names, keynote speakers for said sessions (if any), and then the date and time of the session to give viewers a good idea of your event’s schedule. 

Showcase one of the most important parts of your event! 

Give sponsors more visibility and increase ROI

After showcasing your event’s sessions, the new Event Teaser Video will showcase your sponsors, if your event has any. Much like Whova’s recent features like additional sponsor banners withing the app and session sponsorship, this was designed to give sponsors additional visibility throughout your event, so try offering this as part of a higher tier in your different sponsor tier packages. Additionally, you can even advertise it as its own a la carte option through Whova’s sponsor registration!

Additional visibility makes advertising to sponsors a breeze! 

Automatically generated, ready to share!

If you’re at all worried about dedicating time towards creating the new Event Teaser Video, don’t worry! Whova’s new video template will pull content directly from your already-completed Whova dashboard, so there’s no need for you to spend hours creating it! 

Furthermore, the video comes completely ready-to-use, so you can start generating buzz around your event right after it gets sent to you. Feel free to easily share it on social media or any other channels you deem appropriate. Additionally, if you need more static social media content, Whova has you covered with over 24 professionally-designed image templates ready for use.

Take social channels by storm with Whova’s new video now!

With the new Event Teaser Video template, Whova strives to help event organizers create buzz and engage their audience on any channel. This template highlights key event details, such as sessions, speakers, and sponsors, drawing attention to the event’s content and boosting sponsor visibility. 

And the best part? The video automatically generates using information from your Whova dashboard, saving you time and effort. This ready-to-use video can be easily shared on social media and other channels, making it a valuable tool for promoting your event and enhancing sponsor relationships.

For more information on how Whova can help create buzz around your event, sign up for a free demo below!

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