In today’s digital landscape, video has become essential for any organizer looking to promote their event. According to Wyzowl, 86% of brands already use video to promote their products and services. People today also consume a daily average of nearly two hours of online video content.

However, taking advantage of this can be a daunting task for many organizers – maybe you don’t have the time, the budget, or the skill to produce a promotional video for your next event.

Well, Whova’s got great news for you! Our new Video Generation Feature takes care of all of these obstacles by automatically generating a video for you to share with potential attendees, all with the click of a button!

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Show Off Your Stellar Speakers

Whova’s Video Generation Feature makes it easy to highlight your event’s speakers. The automatically generated video will rotate between one and seven speakers, displaying a picture and name for each one. The video will also display your event’s name, date, and time.

Even though the video is automatically generated, it’s still easy to customize. Organizers can change the colors to match branding guidelines, as well as adjust the number of speakers shown. You can even update event information, such as name, date, place, and time. There’s no need for expensive editing software or video production skills since everything is done directly from within the Whova app.


Leverage Social Media to Promote Your Event

Video is a powerful tool for any organizer to have in their arsenal. Did you know that Tweets with videos gain three times more interaction and engagement than those without them? When you generate a video using the Video Generation Feature for the first time, Whova will automatically send you an email with it attached. Whova lets you share your Speaker Highlight Video directly to your social media accounts from this email. You can also access it in the Social Media Content Library in the Social Media Center and share from there. It’s that easy!

Automatically generate a video highlighting your speakers right within the Whova Dashboard!

Sharing your video to social media is a great way to give potential attendees a sneak peek into your event. The auto-generated videos last a maximum of sixty seconds. This makes them a great way to reach those attendees who may not have the time or patience to read through lengthy fliers and pamphlets.

Organizers can encourage speakers to share the videos to their own social media profiles. This allows speakers to bring attention to the work they’ll be doing at your event. It is also an easy way for word about your event to get out, without you having to worry about expensive and time-consuming promotional strategies.

Another Tool in Your Event Organizer Toolbox

When taking advantage of the Video Generation Feature, other Whova features like our Social Media Image Generation feature make Whova’s event management platform an even better promotional tool. Using one of Whova’s templates, or uploading your own image, you can create professional-looking images to be shared on social media alongside your newly-generated videos!

With other great marketing features, like our Campaign Link Tracking feature, Whova is all you need to get the word out about your event! So what are you waiting for? Request a free demo today!

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