It’s exciting to see the increasing number of events transitioning back to in-person or hybrid formats. Of course, there’s no denying that there are real benefits to virtual events, like having a larger networking pool, increased attendance levels, easier lead-retrieval, or higher attendee feedback rates. So how can you transfer the positive aspects of virtual events to improve your in-person events? An event app. Utilizing a great event app will incorporate those great features of virtual events to make your in-person or hybrid event that much better. 

Attendify is a product that can help event organizers make the most of their event, but there are a number of great alternatives out there with similar feature functionality that can be used by organizers to support their events. Many of these apps have solutions that can keep attendees more engaged, connect in-person and virtual attendees at a hybrid event, and deliver event content right to the attendees.

Attendify Alternatives in 2022: Features, Reviews and Pricing

1. Whova

The top alternative to Attendify is Whova. Whova is an all-in-one event management system that includes an award-winning mobile event app that revolutionizes attendee engagement and networking. It is used by events of all kinds, including conferences, association summits, trade shows, government forums, career fairs, and many more.

The Whova event app offers a selection of useful features that allow organizers to keep all of the event information organized in one place, manage logistics efficiently, and keep attendees informed and updated in just a few clicks. For example, attendees can use the app to view an event’s agenda with multiple days and filter session tracks, use the interactive venue map to find where they’re going, ask the event organizers questions in the community forum, or download handouts and/or presentation slides. With these features, event organizers will save tons of time and resources and take the pressure off keeping attendees informed and engaged.

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Whova’s app also boosts networking opportunities tremendously. Attendees can fill out their own personal profile, browse the other profiles in the attendee list, and directly chat with people they want to connect with. When attendees meet organically at the event, they can exchange contact information with just one click. Moreover, connecting with sponsors and exhibitors is made simpler through the app, and the sponsors and exhibitors will have improved quality and quantity of lead generation.

Reviews: G2: 4.8/5 (893 reviews), Capterra: 4.8/5 (819 reviews)
Pricing: Available upon request, but affordable for most organizations

2. EventX

An Attendify alternative that focuses on virtual and hybrid events is EventX. Formerly known as EventXtra, EventX is great for organizations in the Asia Pacific region. Their standout features include China Network Accessibility, boosted lead generation, check-in app, and attendee community building.

EventX caters to many different types of events like concerts, summits, trade shows, product launches, and more. With the new advancement in VR, these events can be attended using a VR headset to give a lifelike event experience without having to actually be in a physical event space location.

Reviews: G2: 4.7/5 (47 reviews), Capterra: 5/5 (5 reviews)
Pricing: See here

3. Vevox

Differing quite a bit from the previous alternatives is Vevox. Vevox is a real-time polling and Q&A platform with a mobile app to amplify audience engagement. Not specifically for events, Vevox offers fantastic additional features such as quizzes, surveys, analytics, and integrations with Microsoft and applications like Zoom and Blackboard.

These features can increase the excitement at any event or meeting fun by giving the audience the chance to participate directly and/or anonymously. Any event session that uses Vevox assures that attendees can have their voices be heard and will likely make sure that they more actively listen to event sessions. So, with Vevox, speakers won’t have to deal with disengaged audiences, and attendees won’t feel like the presenter is talking at them.

Reviews: G2: 4.7/5 (108 reviews), Capterra: 4.7/5 (128 reviews)
Pricing: See here

4. Eventsquid

Another alternative to Attendify is EventSquid. EventSquid is an event management software with many features including mobile app creation with automatic content updates, attendee insights, and no download required. The platform can handle in-person, virtual, and hybrid events tailoring them to serve any event business model. Eventsquid is quite popular among professional education events where attendees earn certifications.

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Eventsquid also offers an event registration solution with both register-for-self and register-for-others options. For paid events, attendees can pay online or by invoice and organizers can offer additional sessions, goods, services, and donation collection on registration forms. Once registered, attendees will get a confirmation email with a link to the mobile app that would be accessible through any browser.

Reviews: G2: 4.6/5 (27 reviews), Capterra: 4.8/5 (92 reviews)
Pricing: Available upon request


This alternative to Attendify comes from the business event platform called 10times. FLOOR is a custom event community app that is geared towards driving audience engagement for virtual and hybrid events. Attendees can use the FLOOR app to create a profile and discover and converse (publicly and privately) with other attendees. Organizers are also able to map the attendee’s journey through the app with event schedule upload.

A significant part of the app’s functionality are metrics – the app measures everything from user adoption, activeness, and shares to ratings and reviews in order to keep track of engagement and collect feedback. Sponsors and exhibitors can leverage the app to track impressions, clicks, shares, and leads. The app is also customizable for organizers to fully implement their branding.

Reviews: G2: 4.7/5 (108 reviews), Capterra: 4.5/5 (51 reviews)
Pricing: See here

6. Lytti (& MeetApp)

Another Attendify alternative is Lyyti, an all-in-one event management platform that includes an event app integration. This event app integration is with MeetApp. MeetApp is an event app for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. MeetApp specializes in turning a passive audience into a group of active participants. It includes a real-time agenda, presentation decks, live Q&A and polls, gamification, and a private event social network.

Lyyti helps with event registration by providing an effortless signup solution, and a reliable system to track registrants. This includes a clear map that attendees follow when they register and flexibility when it comes to registering for an event. Organizers can allow participants to register as a group or individually, set capacities for sessions, and group attendees by type (like VIPs, speakers, etc.).

Reviews: G2: NA (0 reviews), Capterra: 4.5/5 (39 reviews)
Pricing: See here

7. Conrego

This Attendify alternative is primarily an event registration software, but also offers features that go beyond just registration. Congrego’s event management capabilities include attendee communication, event website, badge generator, and analytics. This company started in Poland,  but it now offers services to event managers across the world. Conrego can handle all event registration needs and supports numerous payment integrations.

As it’s originally an event registration service, Conrego provides organizers with many different signup features. The Conrego team will help organizers with pleasing invitation emails, mass mailings, a custom check in experience, and automated payments and invoicing. Conrego is mainly used by event managers who organize academic conferences, congresses, trade shows, and branded marketing events.

Reviews: G2: NA (0 reviews), Capterra: 4.9/5 (40 reviews)
Pricing: See here

8. Jujama

Jujama is yet another event management platform that could be used as an alternative to Attendify. Jujama helps event organizers boost and control attendee networking and communication between speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and general attendees. Moreover, All event content can be synced into their system using multiple file formats and services. 

With Jujama, brand and sponsor visibility is extremely important as they are both at the center of the attendee experience from the first welcome email until the end of the event. Within the event, Jujama allows custom meeting rooms giving the event organizer the power to set the number of meeting rooms and their capacity.

Reviews: G2: 3.5/5 (1 review), Capterra: NA (0 reviews)
Pricing: Find out here

Best Attendify Alternatives: Summary

If you’re reading the summary, you’ve seen how many great alternatives to Attendify are out there. Many of these are comprehensive event management platforms that give organizers a slurry of solutions for planning and running events. As more and more events move back into physical locations, the positive features of virtual events will demand to be replicated. Hopefully, these platforms can help. Of the 8 Attendify alternatives, Whova is definitely the most similar and best performing. Being a company that began exclusively catering to in-person events, Whova may be the perfect event management solution for your next event. To try out Whova’s platform for free, simply request a demo here.

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