A stylish event website can showcase your event and impress online visitors enough to significantly boost your event attendance. The problem is, a professional website can also drain your event budget and hold you up as you wait for designs.

You need a website as soon as possible so you can start promoting your event and driving people to your registration page. You want to keep down costs, too. But how can you get these results without investing in a designer and a developer?

Whova’s Website Builder allows you to create a professional event website yourself within seconds. Our software automatically generates a stylish event website based on your event information within the event management dashboard.


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Save Time Creating a Stylish Website With 6 Modern Templates

With Whova, you have 6 professional website templates to choose from. Once you’ve selected a template, the information you’ve added to the event management platform will be used to create your website. It’s that quick and easy!

You can switch template at any time to find the one you like best. All of Whova’s templates are fully responsive so they look great on every device your visitors are using.

Event Website Builder TemplateEvent Website Builder Template

Already created individual webpages for your agenda, speaker lineup, or registration through Whova? Don’t worry, your efforts won’t go to waste. Whova’s Website Builder brings all your existing webpages together in one place to provide you with a full event website. The designs you’ve chosen for your webpages will determine the overall look and feel of your website.

Easily Customize Your Website to Match Your Event Needs

Your website needs to reflect the feel of your event to draw in attendees. With the Website Builder, you can customize your website with your brand color. This becomes the primary color of your webpages and the color of details such as buttons, links, and headers.

You can also upload your own image to appear on the homepage. This allows you to control the first impression your site visitors have of your event.

Because every event has different needs, Whova lets you customize the navigation of your event website. You can choose the order of your webpages, decide which ones you want to include, and even create your own. All it takes is the click of a button.

Manage webpages on Whova's Event Website Builder

Generate a Buzz on Your Website to Attract More Attendees

Getting the word out about your event on social media strengthens your event promotion. Whova’s Website Builder allows you to add links to your social media pages. By driving people to your social media pages, you can show them your exciting updates and encourage them to join the fun.

Want to build even more excitement for your event? The Website Builder lets you add an event countdown to your site. This can motivate people to sign up for your event on your registration page before it’s too late, and start to look forward to the big day. 

Design Your Event Website the Easy Way With Whova

Save time and money building your event website with the Website Builder.

With Whova, you can take full control of designing your own website without having any technical skills. Your event website will be stylish and professional — and you won’t have to worry about a huge price tag or a long wait.

Request a demo to see how you can build your event website the smart way.


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