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What was most memorable at the last event you participated in?

Or more importantly, what exactly did you miss out on as a participant? Were you too busy plotting out logistics and event agenda details to focus in on your networking? Simply making choices or learning more about the names and brands around you during the event can be time-consuming. Maybe you found yourself immersed in the world of generating business as an exhibitor and weren’t able to revisit the takeaways from inspiring keynote speakers. Or perhaps your volunteers were missing a very important piece of the day’s puzzle: seamless coordination! As we’ve mentioned before, an event is an opportunity for hosts to share the people behind the work while crafting special relationships with future clients, customers, and leads. Once common obstacles are cleared from view with our mobile event app, an event can transform from a balancing act into an effortless networking opportunity for every type of attendant.

Event Networking Pickles

Waiting for Wi-Fi? Whether offline or online, your conference experience keeps your strategy on-pulse with the highlights you can’t miss. Large expositions and social events sometimes provide Wi-Fi as an added expense in costly ticket prices! However, with everyone trying to use it simultaneously, the internet is often sluggish. Further, attendees will regularly need to check event apps to plan the course of their day, stay informed with any urgent announcements or stay on-track with any break-out sessions.

Frequent challenges for event organizers include:

  • Anticipating all needs of everyone present, including facilitating time for networking, usually takes a backseat to other crucial planning.
  • When to dedicate efforts to attract and cultivate future sponsors.
  • Volunteers need to expedite coordination with organizers behind the scenes to offer an exemplary experience for participants.

Some obstacles for event attendees are:

  • Deciding how to best utilize the limited amount of time provided to meet other attendees.
  • Difficulty navigating where to check out every session, speaker, or sponsors of interest.
  • Lack of Internet availability during events can be a monkey wrench in logistics, as people seek to improve their time by checking updates and schedule information.
  • Keeping in touch with new connections. Did you forget your business cards?

Event exhibitors may face these difficulties:

  • Getting lost looking for your exhibitor space and maximizing your visibility for conference foot traffic.
  • Seeking how to generate leads for their services and promote their products.

Recurrent problems that speakers encounter during events:

  • Connecting with your audience? The dialogue has only just begun!

How can Whova help?

The Whova event app can tackle the aforementioned challenges so an event can succeed in what matters most: bringing industry leaders and interested parties together for a fantastic networking opportunity.

If you’d rather spend more time participating and waste less time scrambling to schedule, take notes or configuring a last second business card deck, pull up the Whova app and browse the mobile brochure at your next event. Maximize your time to best showcase your talent and collaborate with thought leaders and community members during conferences. The following app features can help to make the most of meet and greet opportunities for everyone:

Organizers are able to:

  • Build custom links to quickly livestream sessions on the web or share additional resources.
  • Link to sponsors can easily be promoted without getting in the way of Whova’s tools.
  • Coordinate with one another and volunteers with a simple instant message, so you can get back to running an unparalleled event.

Attendees have the capacity to:

  • Meet other like-minded people by exploring attendee profiles and team up with new contacts via private message. As anticipation ramps up, Whova proactively cultivates a conference community where quality conversations happen.
  • Delve into multi-track schedules with simple keyword searches and tailor their session wishlist to their interests.
  • Avoid any difficulties without Internet! Make sure to download basic information (like the agenda, logistics or attendee list) with offline storage prior to the event with a strong signal from work or home.
  • Effortlessly exchange e-business cards and scan new contacts’ information from business cards Whova’s Business Card Scanner! You can make a new connections without your set of business cards, even during a quick snack break. At the end of the day, simply import your new contacts info into your phone if you wish.

Exhibitors have the ability to:

  • Quickly find directions and detailed indoor maps, along with other attendees for easier navigation in real time.
  • Connect with target market. Those searching for events to advance their careers can simply discover relevant local events in their area with Whova.

Speakers can now:

Step offstage and into the conversation by sharing their presentation slides or gathering feedback from guests’ comments and ratings.

During future events, the standard for broadening your network won’t be limited to the duration of the conference, meetup, or industry workshop. Valuable inter-attendee interactions, like spreading the buzz of an educational event, encourages sustained participation before kickoff and after everyone heads home. Test the Whova app now and bring your experience to life in real time!

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