Thinking about putting on a hybrid event? Not quite sure where to start? Get ready with a hybrid event checklist.

Many organizers are considering hybrid events as a way to bring in-person engagement opportunities together with the safety and accessibility of virtual events, but trying out a new event type can also be daunting. Nevertheless, over the past months, thousands of Whova customers have successfully used Whova’s hybrid event platform to put on events that satisfied both in-person and remote audiences. 

After consulting with some of these organizers, we’ve put together a comprehensive hybrid event checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered. We’ve also compiled some of the top considerations organizers recommend you keep in mind in order to deliver content to both audiences in the most effective way possible.

Here’s a look at some of the top hybrid event checklist items and considerations:


1. Prepare COVID-19 screening questions

Keep your event safe and compliant with regulations by using an event app that allows you to implement a COVID check-in questionnaire to screen attendees at check-in. An example digital waiver form tool can be found here.

Whova Tips: A crucial item in our hybrid event checklist. Different states and countries will have different recommendations and regulations, so be sure to check specifically for your region!

2. Consider presentation for both in-person and remote attendees

Make sure both audiences are able to view the sessions in high quality.

  • Remind in-person speakers that their presentations are streamed and recorded
  • Ask the speakers not to move out of the camera’s view during their presentations

3. Have dedicated moderators or emcees for remote attendees

They can help collect the remote attendees’ questions and tell the speakers and interact with the remote attendees so they don’t feel ignored.

4. Check that the venue is hybrid-ready

The venue should be prepared to accommodate live streaming for virtual attendees and mobile integration for in-person attendees. Make sure they have a strong wired internet connection and readily available onsite tech support.

Whova Tips: One of the most important items in your hybrid event checklist.
You may also request in your contract to include the wired internet, otherwise it can be very expensive!

#5-8 in the full PDF


1. Rethinking the event schedule

Reconsider the time of the key sessions to accommodate all the major time zones for your attendees. You can also make session videos on-demand and control the video release time, and allow attendees to add sessions to their own agenda and set up reminders.

2. Delivering exclusive content to remote attendees

Make attending remotely its own exciting experience! You can:

  • Interview experts in the field and/or speakers outside of sessions
  • Conduct street interviews with attendees, exhibitors, or sponsors
  • Play sponsor videos or behind the scenes footage

Whova Tips: This is an easily overlooked item in our hybrid event checklist. It can help your remote attendees feel involved and appreciated, boosting their engagement.

3. Creating special sessions for remote attendees

Just as you have in-person networking sessions, create online networking sessions for remote attendees.

Whova Tips: If you’re using Whova, you can use the Network Tables and virtual meet-ups to bring attendees together remotely.

#4-8 in the full PDF

Due to space limits, we’ve compiled the full checklist and list of considerations in a downloadable PDF. If you’d like to view the complete lists, please contact your Whova account manager. If you don’t have an account manager, just request a live demo so our event consultant can share the lists with you.

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