“The Whova app will definitely be useful for our event, but I don’t have time to set this up! I just have too much on my plate now, I need to set up ticketing page, send invitations out, arrange food, …”

Does this sound familiar to you? You might have talked similarly when you have considered using an event app.  We have been working with many organizers, sharing the same deadline with them, and learned that the most precious resource for event organizers is time! In addition, the majority of event organizers are perfectionists and I believe you are too; you would rather sleep one hour less to get everything organized perfectly.
“Having to manage the event app on top of all my other technology platforms (registration, etc) is often a pain.”
— Karim, DOB Global Events

There are so many tools out there to help organizers, but majority of them serve one need. For example, you may be using all separate systems to have ticketing, event promotion, survey, and event app. You need to input event information multiple times, manually move information around to make them consistent, which is time consuming and easily introduce mistakes! Similarly, attendees also need to visit different websites or download apps to access event information or get involved in your event. All of this makes it hard to have one strong communication channel with your attendees.


Registration and Event App into One Setup

Organizers love the Whova as it helps go mobile, maximizes event engagement and networking, and builds a community thereafter.  Now we go further, we release an unified event management solution seamlessly integrating our own registration system with Whova event app.

EMS 2.0

You can save your precious time from setting up ticketing system and an event app separately. Once you input event information to Whova dashboard, it will be instantly applied both in a registration webpage and the app.

It allows you to avoid any hassles of keeping them consistent. You do not need to worry about making mistakes with last minute updates as you can update once and publish to both channels. Even better, you can immediately notify your registrants through emails as well as push notifications through Whova.  Again, all is possible in one place.

You don’t have to worry about security and payment safety either. Whova online registration complies with the PCI DSS, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, and uses the most secure payment processor, Stripe. Learn more about Whova’s Security here.

Manage Your Event from Start to Finish

Whova EMS 2.0 provides one platform for event registration, ticketing page, email system for promotion, check-in, mobile brochure, event engagement and networking through the gorgeous award-winning Whova app, post-event analytics, and community building platform.

What does this all mean? Don’t worry, it is not a gigantic platform that combines all and overwhelms you with lots of options to set up. Contrarily, it simplifies your workflow.

Once you input the event information such as the event locations and logistics, it will be shown both in a registration page as well as an event app. Whenever someone registers to your event, the app is able to automatically include the person in an attendee list in the app; you don’t need to manually sync it up.  When you are ready, you can publish your event app to registrants by one click on the dashboard.  

Do you want to update or remind your registrants of anything?  Don’t need to leave, send out emails through the Whova platform. With Whova app, you can further engage attendees, get instant feedback, and make informed decisions. You will stay in control, receive advanced analytics and graphs, and also measure your event’s success with our extensive post-event report.  Do it all in one place.


Create Memorable Event Experiences

Whova’s all-in-one solution does not only help event organizers but also helps create memorable event experiences. Right after ticketing, attendees can download the Whova app from the registration site and use it for their pre-event networking. They will see who else will be at the event, exchange an instant message, schedule a meeting, start a group chat to share information (e.g. arrange a ride from airport to the event location), and get announcements from you the organizers.

Even after your event, Whova helps attendees stay in touch with one another through the app. They will keep your event app as all their networking histories, such as messages and e-business cards they have exchanged, are all in the app.  

It means that now you have a strong communication channel to your attendees.  Continue using Whova to send out announcement to update them with your next event, collect post-event surveys, and further engage your attendees. Whova helps you build and foster your community.



We are proud to offer you a unified solution to further make your job easier and help save your time and efforts. The Whova registration system has already been used at several business events and organizers were happy to have all-in-one platform. You can manage your events from beginning to the end: registration, pre-event reminders, email campaign, attendee engagement and networking during the event, vendor engagement, post-event analytics and community building.   

Would you like to use Whova for both registration and the event app?  Feel free to shoot us an email at hello@whova.com.



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