January 31, 2024

Exhibitors are a driving force of any thriving event, and ensuring them a great experience can keep them coming back for more. Much like organizers, exhibitors look for an easy way to handle all of their processes, including exhibitor registration, booth setup, social media posts and ways to get exposure. Instead of heavily relying on emails or sending them to various forms or platforms, they’d benefit from a centralized hub to handle most of the logistics and coordination with you, so why not give it to them?

In the past, Whova has done its part to give exhibitors what they need with dedicated and streamlined registration, built-in lead generation tools, and in-app outreach campaigns to directly communicate with attendees. 

Now, we have taken another step. Give your exhibitors the convenience of Whova’s new Dedicated, All-in-One Exhibitor Portal, where they can effortlessly manage all their event processes on one centralized platform. This innovative feature aims to enhance the ease of exhibitors’ lives like never before. From configuring booth setups and executing social media promotion to accessing Whova resource guides, they can effortlessly handle it all in one place, paving the way for their success.  

Moreover, we will continue to expand the portal’s capabilities, with upcoming additions like an exhibitor checklist, seamless organizer-exhibitor communication, an exhibitor FAQs section, and more. The purpose is to provide exhibitors a centralized hub, fostering smooth coordination between exhibitors and organizers. Got an idea to further enhance this platform? Share it with us!

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A secure gateway into this new centralization…

First, to enhance exhibitor data security, we’ve introduced an added layer of protection. Now, exhibitors can access and update their information through a secure login process that includes a two-step authentication code (verification code). This ensures that only authorized exhibitors have access to their own data, safeguarding their information effectively.

Secure sign-in with your event on full display!

Your exhibitor’s journey starts off with a simple entry process. Once they’ve entered the email they used to register for your event, they will be prompted to create an account if they don’t already have a Whova login. Right from the sign-in screen, your exhibitors will get a glance at what amenities they can utilize, such as social media management and informational resources.

Built in event promotion so you don’t have to worry about it

Additionally, this centralized portal aims to make social media promotion campaigns a breeze. Your exhibitors can directly connect their social media accounts to the portal, then create or schedule posts as they see fit with no extra effort from your end.

Easily schedule and post with ready-to-share graphics!

And the benefits don’t stop there. Whova provides your exhibitors with professionally crafted graphics that are ready to be shared across any social channel. Furthermore, when your exhibitors share a post, your event reaps the rewards too, as each post makes sure to highlight your event and all it has to offer!

Kick your feet up and let your exhibitors fill out booth details themselves

Let exhibitors fill in booth details themselves with dedicated booth profiles!

The portal also centralizes Whova’s existing Exhibitor Form that exhibitors use to fill out their own details such as company description, contact info, offers, and handouts. And now they’ll be able to do this only after they have logged in and completed authentication, adding an extra level of security and data protection.

If booth information is already pre-filled from using Whova’s Exhibitor Registration, no worries! Whether there’s existing information or if booth construction is starting from zero, your exhibitors have the flexibility to manage their booth details and make direct updates from this portal. Just like in the past, all of this information syncs directly to your dashboard and exhibitor profiles in the app! And don’t worry, you still have control over all of this information from Whova’s organizer dashboard.

Available resources and downloadable guides set your exhibitors up for success

Your exhibitors look for any chance they get to learn how to make the most of exhibiting at your event, and Whova aims to give them exactly what they want. Increasing ROI has never been easier with tons of ready-made guides and resources, designed to give your valued exhibitors all the information they may need to get the most out of your event!

Your exhibitors gain access to thorough guides right from the portal!

And more coming soon…

Whova’s all-new, all-in-one Exhibitor Portal is just the beginning of a game-changing journey for event organizers aiming to elevate exhibitor experiences and save time in exhibitor coordination and management. But that’s not all; we have a roadmap full of exciting enhancements to transform it into a comprehensive hub for exhibitors. This includes exhibitor booth selection,  a dedicated exhibitor FAQ section to prevent organizers from answering repetitive questions, customizable exhibitor checklists, and even features like equipment rentals and shipping handling requests.

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