We do not want to provide the registrants list for Whova due to a privacy policy in our organization. Can we still use Whova?

Yes, you can. The goal of providing a registrants list is so our system knows whom to build profiles for. However, even if you do not provide a registrants list, we can still build profiles for those attendees who would like to have one. As an event organizer, you can introduce Whova to your attendees on your registration site and request permission from your attendees for their names, affiliations, and emails, and we will create profiles for those grant you permission. Registrants can still opt-out of their profile after signing in to the app.

If it is too late to request permission and we can’t create their profiles, then our system will only list the event speakers and organizers in the app. General attendees have the option to build their own profiles themselves and decide if they want to be publicly listed on the app. If they opt-out of being publicly shown, they will not be able to use the networking features such as in-app messaging, viewing other registrants’ profiles, etc.

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