Think Realty National Conference and Expo - Dallas 2017

Dallas TX

Apr 28 - 30, 2017

This one day event will include a variety of breakout sessions and guest speakers, a vendor floor jam-packed with real estate resources and services, lunch, and access to Think Realty's coaches. The day will close with a special Women in Real Estate panel.

Check out the agenda on Friday and Saturday for ancillary workshops. 

If you’re a Real Estate Investor, Landlord, Property Manager, Wholesaler, Note Buyer, Private Lender, Rehabber or Real Estate Entrepreneur, there is no better event for you.

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Andy Williams

Founder, Recon Realty

Bio: Andy Williams is the founder of Recon Reality and rising star of HGTV's upcoming series Flip or Flop Ft. Worth. He also won the Think Realty’s Humanitarian of the Year in the 2016 for his work with veterans and his impact on their futures through real estate investment education.

Bryan Ellis

CEO & Host Of Self Directed Investor Radio,

Bio: Bryan Ellis is the host of Self Directed Investor Talk, a popular podcast and radio show on KDOW 1220 in San Francisco. Bryan has a vast background in real estate investing and currently serves as manager of a real estate-focused private equity fund operating in Northern California. He is the publisher of the Bryan Ellis Investing Letter and is a contributor to both and

Joe Boston

Founder, Dallas REIG

Bio: Founder of Dallas REIG.

Wayne Sheaffer

Founder, Good Success

Bio: Over 5 years ago, in the wake of the biggest real estate collapse in recent history, our organization got its start. The first year Wayne Sheaffer bought and sold forty-eight houses. From those humble beginnings, Wayne and Tom Olson have now built a nationally recognized company called Housemart buying and selling 300 deals a year. Good Success was started in 2015 from the partners of Housemart to provide principles for real estate success for both active and passive Investors. Through Good Success' 2-day Belief Events and Bonus Days, you will be allowed to tap into the combined knowledge of our staff through teaching sessions, round-tables, question and answer times, and observation of our processes. For those seasoned investors we offer a Mastermind that allows you to be apart of a group that is comprised of real estate investors and lenders that become your “Seasoned Board of Advisors”. Your new Board of Advisors will help you scale your business while implementing business systems and processes to give you freedom. Good Success = Shared Success.

David Gibb

Senior Vice President Account Management, Legally Mine, Inc.

Bio: Mr. Gibb is the President of Global Physicians Alliance and has extensive experience in the healthcare and business industry spanning the past 25 years. This experience includes starting and managing his own businesses both in the private sector as well as the public arena. Mr. Gibb has authored and created several small business educational programs, which have been successfully marketed throughout North America. He has had articles published in newsletters and magazines addressing specific areas of concerns to small businesses. He and his wife Amy have been married for 23 years, and are the parents of 5 children. Mr. Gibb has spoken to thousands of people nationally and internationally, including healthcare professionals, helping them understand how to maximize the benefits of small business ownership.

Abhi Golhar

Founder, Real Estate Deal Talk

Bio: My name is Abhi Golhar and I invest in real estate. Catch me hosting Real Estate Deal Talk here: 1. Daily radio show on biz1190 - Atlanta 2. Weekly podcast - iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud 3. Weekly YouTube show 4. Regular Q&As featuring your questions! A few quick notes about what I do: ► INVEST IN REAL ESTATE Single-family renovation, new construction, and development along with multi-family. Scroll down to find out what I'm buying right now. Contact me if you: • Want to join my lender network to capitalize on profitable real estate opportunities • Interested in partnering on a real estate deal • Have a real estate deal to pitch (residential or multi-family). • Want to learn the basics of investing in real estate • Looking for funding for your real estate deal • Have a question about real estate investing • Need help on a deal and would like to schedule a 15-minute call with me • Currently own or launching a real estate business and need help growing it ► MY CONTACT INFO Email me at or visit You can also find me on YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @AbhiGolhar.  I'd love to hear from you.

Cathy Crowe

Allstar Home Group

Bio: Cathy Crowe has been a licensed Realtor since 1989. She has help hundreds of families sell and find new homes. Since 1990, Cathy has worked with investors with single family rehabs, rental properties and multi-family properties. She started buying houses in 1990 for both wholesale and rehabbing for retail. Through the years she has wholesaled over 1000 houses, rehabbed over 300 houses, sold over 100 notes, and held numerous rental properties at various times. As a realtor she has participated in the sale of over 100 multi-family properties, package deals of single houses (2-150) and multiple listings of properties of all sizes and price ranges. In 2001, Cathy flipped 243 houses before our national tragedy. In 2002, she started DFWREIN (Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Network) that taught and over 8000 investors until July 2008 when she sold the company. During those years Cathy had monthly speaker meetings with a vendor fair, held daily classes (M-S), personally coached over 1000 investors, hosted an interactive website, and had a real estate investor center for the classes and networking. Cathy Crowe is a master at networking. She built an organization with thousands of investor from 2002-2008. She makes an effort to meet new people all the time and is always trying to make connections. She will show you how to network your way to success in real estate investing!

Sonia Booker

Think Realty

Bio: Sonia Booker, CEO of Sonia Booker Enterprises, has been investing in real estate for more than two decades, and her message resonates with everyone who believes that wealth is not just about money, but also about leaving a legacy. She says: "Everything I have done, including the real estate flips, the buy-and-hold projects, my involvement in commercial developments and even my private equity fund, I have done through building relationships."

Tim Norris


Bio: Tim Norris is an industry-recognized speaker, educator and real estate investor, with interests in single-family homes as well as commercial property. A recipient of the R.W. Carstens Humanities Award, Tim is currently CEO of National Real Estate Insurance Group (NREIG) and Affinity Group Management (AGM). Previously, he served as President/CEO of Norris & Associates Insurance Agency from 1991-2008, a top-10 nationally ranked Nationwide Insurance Agency. Tim resides in the Kansas City area with his wife and three children.

Eddie Wilson

Affinity Worldwide

Bio: Eddie graduated from The Ohio State University School of Broadcasting with a degree in Broadcast Sales and Marketing. He studied marketing at Georgia Tech and business management at Emory University. He is most known for taking a talk radio station in Atlanta to the level of “Most Listened To Station in the World” (Radio and Records Magazine, 2002). He has owned his own advertising agency and worked with clients, including Pepsi, P&G, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Mail America. He is now the President of the AEG corporation and speaks at places across the country, including well-known universities on the topics of Branding, Marketing and Innovation in Business.

Bill Bray

Sr. Investment Agent - NMLS 1404655, Ignite Funding

Kent Davis

Owner , Equistream

Grant Trevithick

Partner, Owner Finance Academy

Marcus Reynolds

Sr. Investment Coordinator, American Real Estate Investments

Scott Meyers

Owner & President, Self Storage Investing

Arnie Abramsom

Texas Tax Sales Resource Group LLC

Kristin Gerst

Capricorn Mortgage Investments

Mac Boyter


Rob Barney

DHLC Mortgage

Tameka Bryant

Think Realty Real Estate Services

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