When it comes to event promotion, your agenda webpage is critical to showcasing your speakers and sessions, and getting signups for your event. The problem is, a busy agenda webpage can start to look complicated and overwhelming — especially on mobile.

That’s where Whova’s Agenda Webpage Builder comes in. Our technology helps you create a mobile-friendly event agenda webpage, and now we’ve gone a step further.

Whova’s new customization options help you decide what to show — and not show — on the desktop and mobile versions of your event agenda webpage. This allows you to create an easy-to-read agenda webpage for mobile and a comprehensive desktop agenda webpage.

< Create a concise agenda webpage for mobile (left) and a more detailed agenda webpage for desktop (right) >

Customize Your Agenda Webpage for Different Devices

If people are viewing your agenda webpage on a desktop, it might not be too difficult for them to read through all the details. But on a mobile device? They probably have to scroll through a huge amount of information to see what’s coming up. By choosing which details you want to show on your mobile and desktop agenda webpages, you ensure a great experience for all your visitors.

For example, removing session and speaker descriptions on the mobile version of your agenda webpage can help free up space, allowing visitors to view the schedule more easily. Want an even more minimalist look? You can remove speaker names, locations, and tracks from the mobile webpage. By including all this information on the desktop version, you keep the extra event details ready for visitors who have the screen size to take it all in.

Whova has also added new content options, including 24-hour times and the ability to include downloadable documents directly in your event webpage agenda. These additions can help make your agenda even more user-friendly to draw in more signups for your event.

Preview Your Agenda Instantly to Save Time Making Changes

You can change and instantly preview your designs in Whova’s customization settings, saving you valuable time in the run up to your event.

No longer do you need to make individual changes, save them, and then leave the window to see how they look. You can get all your customizations right the first time around — or reset all your changes in one go.

You can also switch between previews for both desktop and mobile. With just one click, you can check how the different information will look on both devices.

< Select the content you want to show on each device and preview with just a few clicks >

Make a Great Agenda Webpage More Easily!

Creating the perfect event agenda for desktop and mobile is simple with Whova. What’s more, once your agenda webpage is set up, you can start monitoring the web traffic it receives.

Request more information to learn more about creating event webpages with Whova.


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