QR codes, otherwise known as quick response codes, offer event organizers a versatile and efficient way to identify attendees and streamline various processes, such as check-in and lead retrieval at your event.

Whova generates a unique QR code for each attendee, making it available on their name badges and even in the Whova mobile app. This QR code can be used for fast check-in and exhibitor lead retrieval through a built-in QR scanner in the app, saving everyone time.

Now, we are excited to announce our integration with Apple and Google Wallets for your attendees to store and pull up their QR code easily. After attendees register through Whova’s registration, they will be prompted to add the new event pass to their Apple or Google Wallet. Once added, attendees can quickly find the QR code for check-in and lead retrieval. Additionally, they can easily use the registration code to sign-in to their Whova app smoothly.

Please be aware that to leverage this exciting new feature, your event must use Whova’s registration system. The buttons for attendees to add event passes to their Apple and Google wallets are included in the Whova registration confirmation emails (after users complete their registration).

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Seamlessly Integrate Attendee Ticketing with Digital Wallets

For years, many organizers have utilized Whova’s fully-integrated registration at their events. Not only does it make ticketing, registering, and managing registrants an extremely easy experience, but because it’s integrated into Whova’s system, there is no need to spend time importing large attendee lists over and over. 

Now, there is yet another benefit of using Whova’s registration. With this latest release, once your attendees register through Whova, they will be greeted with a confirmation email that grants them the opportunity to add your event’s pass to their Apple or Google Wallet! When added, all your event’s important information, such as attendee’s personal QR code, registration code and event logistics are centralized in one convenient location, ready to be pulled up at a moment’s notice. 

Checking in for your Event has Never Been Easier 

Checking in at an event, while essential, can definitely be a stressful procedure for both the attendees and organizers. With Whova’s many check-in features, such as paperless check-in and self check-in, the process becomes extremely simple. 

An attendee’s QR code is stored on their mobile device!

With the integration of digital wallets, check-in is even easier now. Since all the necessary information is conveniently located in an attendee’s Apple or Google Wallet, all they have to do to check-in is open their phone, navigate to their wallet, and then show their QR code to your event staff. It’s really never been easier! 

Grant your Exhibitors Effortless Lead Retrieval 

Generating leads is a pivotal reason as to why exhibitors decide to set up at events. With the release of digital wallet tickets, the process has become even more streamlined. Because of the centralization the digital wallet offers, attendees no longer have to fumble for their QR code to present to exhibitors, saving both parties valuable time. 

All an attendee has to do is open their digital wallet, then present the QR code to your exhibitors. Furthermore, the lead retrieval process has already been gamified thanks to Whova’s passport contest, so incentivizing attendees to engage with exhibitors isn’t a challenging task at all!  

Increase App Adoption Rates at your Event

When using Whova to manage your event, in order to ensure the best possible experience, attendees should have the app installed and be familiar with it before the event even starts. 

The app’s sign-in code is at your attendee’s fingertips!

While organizers in the past have reported high app adoption rates, we wanted to make signing into the Whova app an even easier experience for attendees. Thanks to our new Apple and Google wallet integration, an attendee’s Whova app registration code can be easily found on their mobile devices at all times, saving them time when registering, and saving you the headache of having to worry about attendees who haven’t installed the app. 

Utilize Whova’s New Digital Wallet Event Pass Now!

Whova’s new integration with Apple and Google Wallets simplifies attendee check-in and lead retrieval at events by allowing attendees to store their unique QR codes, as well as other event logistics and information, digitally. The QR codes, generated for each attendee, facilitate fast check-in and exhibitor lead retrieval through the Whova app’s QR scanner. This unique features makes Whova a better platform to manage your events!

After registering through Whova’s system, attendees can add their event passes to their digital wallets, consolidating essential event information. This feature streamlines check-in, aids exhibitors in effortless lead retrieval, and promotes higher adoption rates of the Whova mobile app, enhancing the overall event experience.

For more information on how you can best utilize Whova’s new digital wallet integration, click below for a free demo!

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