When it comes to promoting your event, you know that social media is key to generating your event’s awareness and boosting signups. That’s why you’ve been sharing your event details on social media every day for weeks now.

But you also know that the most effective social media campaigns include eye-catching images — you just don’t have the time or a designer on your team. You sigh. If only there were a quick and easy way to create stylish images that would promote your event on social media.

Whova’s all-in-one event management software now helps you save time and effort promoting your event and selling more tickets. You can:

  • Create promotional event images with just a few clicks
  • Promote your speakers with their session details and head shots
  • Save time by directly scheduling multiple social media posts in one place

Use Ready-Made Images to Promote Your Event Right Away

With Whova, you have stylish promotional images for your event right at your fingertips. We provide 24 customized templates that you can choose from.Our powerful platform automatically generates images for your event based on the event information you’ve added to the dashboard. This includes:

  • Your logo
  • Your brand color
  • Key event information, such as your event name and date

You get a branded design without any of the effort — and it’s ready even before you need it. All you have to do is select the template you like best and make any changes you see fit. This saves you valuable time and makes promoting your event much quicker and easier.

Generate Images for Individual Sessions and Speakers in Seconds

Your speaker lineup is one of the main reasons people attend your conference, which is why you’re always looking for ways to highlight your panelists and keynote speakers as part of your event promotion.Whova now allows you to create images for sessions and speakers in two clicks. It’s all thanks to our all-in-one software, which takes the information you added to your web and mobile agenda on the dashboard to generate your stylish images. Simply choose from your sessions to get started.

Do you have multiple speakers at a session? Whova picks up on that and adds all of your session speakers to your image — no extra edits or time required. This allows you to promote your event and all your speakers. By giving your speakers the best experience at your event, you can look forward to positive word of mouth from them, which means more promotion for your event.

Automate Posts and Save Time Promoting Your Event on Social Media

Even with your ready-made image, you might still be concerned about the time it will take to keep sharing this image on all your social media accounts. 

With Whova, you can schedule when your event promo images are shared directly through the dashboard. That means you don’t need to manually post your promotional images again and again in the runup to your event. Just choose the best dates and times for your promotional posts and our software takes care of the rest!

Whova also empowers your event participants to share social media posts about your event through the Whova event app. Attendees, speakers, and exhibitors can save time sharing their experiences thanks to ready-to-post social media images. This motivates them to post more often and helps you promote your event without spending any additional time online.

Make Promoting Your Event on Social Media Easier!

Promoting your event on social media doesn’t have to be yet another time-consuming task.

With Whova, you can make your life easier by using our all-in-one event management software. You can create stylish, branded images and share them on your social media profiles in a matter of seconds — without leaving the dashboard.

Request more information to learn more about streamlined event promotion and to schedule your free Whova trial.

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