February 9, 2024

Good event marketing requires multiple channels to succeed. That’s why Whova provides a variety of ready-to-use tools to empower your event promotion via various channels — such as event webpages, social media graphics, and videos

With over 8 million users on the Whova app, our in-app event listing has become an increasingly powerful way to connect with audiences beyond your usual channels.  Whova’s event listing feature has a number of customizable details to help your event stand out, including options for event branding, promotional copy, custom event tags, and highlighted speakers and sessions.

In our latest update, you can further enhance your event listing by adding ready-to-use promo videos, providing a sneak peek of your event to prospective attendees. This drives more registrations from our vast Whova user base, expanding your network reach beyond the usual.

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Create dynamic event listings with a generated promo video

You have two options for what type of video will best show off your event. By highlighting your speakers, you can generate excitement by showing off a few key attractors. Or, you can feature an overall event teaser, giving attendees an idea of the whole event and allowing you to promote certain sessions and sponsors from the very beginning.


Spark attention by featuring a ready-to-use promo video in your event listing!


Whova’s ready-to-use videos are automatically generated, while also customized and unique to your event and brand. The video will use the information you already input when building your event in Whova’s all-in-one event platform to showcase speakers or the event as a whole.  You also have the ability to change colors to match your event’s branding and add other key information when needed. No fancy video software or editing skills required!

Attract attendees through Whova’s event listing marketplace

Whova’s event listing marketplace is a massive event listing feature, where Whova’s over 8 million users can find and register for your event. By publicly listing it in the app, you can effectively market it to a global audience of millions, vastly expanding your reach beyond your usual mailing list.

In addition to generating attention with your video, you can also customize the listing to feature a unique logo and banner, an event summary, highlighted speakers and sessions, important links, logistics like time and location, and up to 15 event tags.

Customize your event listing to attract your target audience!

Using the right event tags to express key information such as event topics and format (in-person, virtual, hybrid) can help the right attendees find your event, while the video draws them in by showing what they can expect.

Increase your reach and grab prospects’ attention

Expand your marketing efforts to include professional-quality videos and an additional channel while saving time and resources. With Whova, it just takes the click of a button to reach millions of prospective registrants with engaging, dynamic videos

To learn more about how Whova’s all-in-one event platform can help you market and organize your event, sign up today for a free demo.

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