We are very honored to be shortlisted for FOUR different categories in 2018 Event Technology Awards.

The Event Technology Awards (commonly referred to as the “Oscars” in the industry) is regarded throughout the world as the premier awards for the event technology sector. With more than 500 event professionals in attendance celebrating the best technology in the event industry and judges that consist of the most influential event technology leaders, we couldn’t be happier to be distinguished as one of the top industry innovators.  

Whova won the 2016 and 2017 Best Event Networking Technology Award at the ETA.  And, this year Whova is nominated for Best Event App, Best Conference Technology, Best Event Networking Technology, and Best Technology for Audience Participation. 

Whova also participates in People’s Choice Award for Favorite Event Technology Supplier. The winner will be revealed at the Event Tech Awards ceremony in November in London. The People’s Choice Award opens for public voting on Aug 16.  We will ask your support soon with more information!

How Whova Has Resolved Organizers’ Major challenges

We are proud that we push the boundaries of what conferences, expos and networking events can possibly bring to both organizers and attendees: Organizers are happy with the organic involvement of the attendees and increased ROI. Attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors are satisfied that they can have more productive and also enjoyable experiences with Whova.

We know that today’s event organizers commonly encounter the following two challenges:

  • Does an event app truly improve attendee engagement & participation?
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  • Why registration fees are rising and what can you do about it?
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Please click the links to learn how other event organizers have leveraged Whova to resolve the challenges. Or, simply contact us to request more information

We are Grateful to be Nominated for the Best Event App

We would like to thank our loyal customers and countless Whova users for their continued feedback and support.  We take feedback seriously and work to create new solutions that can make event organizers’ lives easier.

We are happy to consistently see that Whova customers’ events reach 72-99% in app adoption rate. We heard that many event organizers previously suffer from low adoption rate with other event apps (20%-30% was an event industry average).  

Now our customers often receive thank-you messages from their attendees regarding the app. Attendees often said they were happy to be able to virtually mingle with other attendees a few weeks before an event starts, plan dinner gatherings together or explore career / business opportunities. We appreciate that Whova has been the most loved event app with the highest rates in app stores for years, thanks to Whova users and customers.

Looking Forward To Helping You

We look forward to helping more events leverage Whova’s unique solutions and create a whole new event experience, which is more engaging, exciting and productive. Please contact us to discuss what we can do together to for your event.



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