Looking for the best Eventbrite alternatives? You’ve come to the right place!

There are a number of great event management platforms on the market that offer powerful features and services beyond ticketing. Whether your event is in-person, remote, or hybrid, you will find a fully integrated platform that can truly streamline the planning process and save you time while creating an interactive and engaging event.

Here we selected and reviewed the 8 best Eventbrite alternatives and competitors that can streamline the ticketing process. Some solutions, such as Whova, offer additional features to build an authentic virtual or hybrid experience and drive attendee engagement and networking.

Eventbrite Alternatives Review: Features, Reputation, and Pricing


1. Whova

Considered by many event planners as a top Eventbrite alternative, Whova’s ticketing software provides a dynamic set of features, including customizable registration forms for each ticket type. Whova’s registration features integrate seamlessly with the all-in-one event management system’s event app, virtual conference platform, and hybrid event platform.

Here are just a few examples of Whova’s other features:

  • Content Access Control based on ticket type
  • “No Code” Website & Web Page Design
  • Contactless Check-in & Attendance Tracking
  • Attendee Engagement and Networking
  • Mobile Brochure

Whova’s all-in-one event platform received the People’s Choice Award and the Best Event App Award from the ‘Oscars’ of the event industry (i.e., Event Technology Awards). It was also the only event software company listed as one of G2’s Top 100 Software Companies.

Whova has worked with over 20,000 in-person, 5,000 virtual, and 1,000 hybrid events, including (but not limited to) conferences, summits, conventions, trade-shows, career fairs, community and networking events.

G2 Score: 4.8 out of 5.0 (833 Reviews)

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2. Zoom Events

For hosts of small-scale virtual events or webinars, Zoom Events is a good alternative to Eventbrite, as a one-stop-shop for virtual event creation. Through Zoom Events, organizers can facilitate interactive sessions or one-to-many presentations using Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars, set up multiple sessions across multiple days, and customize registration with both free and paid tickets.

Zoom Events is predominantly used by smaller virtual courses and webinar series. If you’re planning a larger conference or event, Zoom Events may not be the right fit, as it lacks some of the more advanced features other platforms offer, like spotlight for sponsors and exhibitors, speed networking or round table sessions, poster sessions, content access control.

G2 Score: N/A


3. Regpack

Regpack is a leading client onboarding, management and payment platform for events. The software’s simple interface and powerful business tools allows you to control the full lifecycle of your business. Registration, attendance, integrated online payments, and reporting tools makes management easy for your whole team. Additionally, Regpack supports different registration templates, group registration, discount and coupon codes, online form building, recurring payments, and automated billing.

For every user who begins the registration process, Regpack’s built-in conditional logic solution creates a customized experience unique to them. Regpack is most commonly used for camp registration, trip registration, and event registration.

G2 Score: 4.1 out of 5.0 (46 Reviews)


4. TicketBud

Another Eventbrite alternative, Ticketbud, is typically used by organizers of small-to-large festivals and community fundraisers. The platform allows organizers to create pages for their events and manage ticket sales. Ticketbud also supports social media promotion through integration with Facebook, tracking registration analytics, as well as certain event branding options for your registration page and event website.

Ticketbud can be a good choice if you’re in search of customizable registration. Organizers can create an event registration page, promote their event, and use a contactless QR scanner to check attendees in on the event day.

Similar to Eventbrite, Ticketbud has a strong focus on registration and ticketing, but falls short on the additional event management features you might get from other Eventbrite alternatives such as Whova.

G2 Score: N/A


5. Aventri

Aventri (formerly etouches) is a live connection management platform that helps event organizers create valuable in-person experiences, grow influential communities and expand brands. Aventri’s integrated solution includes meeting requests, venue sourcing, registration, event marketing, travel management, mobile apps, badges and onsite operations. The platform captures meaningful data and analytics to help understand an event’s success and provide real-time ROI, while connecting event attendees and driving live attendee engagement.

G2 Score: 4.2 out of 5.0 (147 Reviews)


6. Facebook Events

Facebook Events offers users a space to organize social gatherings through the app. This Facebook feature lets you create a dedicated page for listing event details plus a range of tools to invite friends, notify groups, and keep track of who will attend.

Facebook Events provides the option to create a private event, visible to only invited guests, or list a public event that all Facebook users can search for. Public event listings through Facebook can be useful for attracting a large audience to a big event such as a local concert, festival or fair, similarly to Eventbrite. Oftentimes, such events use both platforms together – to maximize outreach.

However, if you’re running a more professional event such as a conference, symposium, convention, trade show or expo, Facebook Events may not be the best choice for you.

G2 Score: N/A


7. TicketMaster

For organizers of sporting events, there’s no doubt Ticketmaster is the #1 Eventbrite alternative. TicketMaster is the Official Ticketing Partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and USTA. It also has exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, bands, theater tours, and broadway shows. As a sporting event organizer, TicketMaster can help you sell tickets to millions of audiences.

Sporting event goers can secure the perfect seats to the live events and shows that they love through the website. Ticketmaster gives attendees access to millions of live event tickets and makes it easy for them to buy, sell, transfer, and enter your event.

G2 Score: N/A


8. Meetup

Meetup is a platform for finding and building local communities. Meetup is great for users who want to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their passions together. Meetup will help community organizers to find interested members and let you approve the membership to be sure they’ll be a good fit for the community.

The platform also provides organizer tools that make it easy to schedule and manage events. Organizers with busy schedules can easily recruit a leadership team to help you host events and manage your group. The primary organizer of a Meetup group pays for their own organizer subscription.

If you’re looking to build an online community with recurring small gatherings, Meetup is a perfect alternative to Eventbrite.

G2 Score: 4.0 out of 5.0 (44 Reviews)

Eventbrite Alternatives – Summary

We hope this comparative review helped narrow down your choices for Eventbrite Alternatives and find the best fit for your event. Remember to prioritize your needs as an organizer, whether that’s finding the right cost, or using a platform with time-saving feature functionality, like attendee check-in, name badge generation, and boosting attendee participation.

If you are running conferences/conventions, expos, or community/networking events, and you’re looking for a trustworthy Eventbrite Alternative, click here to request a free demo and see why over 25,000 events and conferences have used and loved Whova. After the demo, you can test drive the platform with your colleagues!

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