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It is a truth universally acknowledged that knowledge is power. For an event organizer, insight into your event attendees, be it their behavior or their preferences or even their industry, is definitely a knowledge that converts into power. The important thing about knowing your attendees is that it not only provides direction for marketing and creating objectives, but also helps increase revenue and sales. The trick of course, is knowing where and how to use this information, so here is a quick rundown on the basics of the basics.

First of all…

Here is an example of what attendee insight looks like:

event insights based on industries

A good analysis report on your attendee should contain a detailed breakdown of the different industries attendees originate from, the areas they are from, etc. It is details like these will play a critical role in letting you decide where and how to do marketing, promotions, and plan your events.

Using Insight to Market Your Event

This method is especially useful in deciding the target industries to invest your efforts into. For example, if over two-thirds of your attendees are from the technological industry, the most logical thing to do is to expend more of your marketing efforts in that general field and figure out how to appeal to people who work there.

A majority of the time, event organizers are subjected to the disadvantage of not knowing the best place to concentrate their efforts. Therefore, a good percentage of their marketing resources are rendered useless. Knowing what attendee allows you to focus your efforts on the areas that can maximize your results.

event attendee insights based on locations

Using Insight to Plan Your Event Activities

A crucial aspect of the success in any event or conference is the attendee satisfaction. Attendee satisfaction can and will contribute to the level of commitment to your event, which contains a direct impact on how your events will be received in the future. A well planned out event with excellent attendee engagement and great event speakers can boost the amount of involvement and engagement you receive, as well as the positive opinion from the audience.

A well done report with detailed analytics can not only help you decide what kind of activities, such as networking, vendors, or workshops, to plan, but also help you decide which speakers to choose. For instance, attendees working in the research industry will be much more willing to attend a session featuring a well known researcher, rather than a successful business man.

Of course, with interest in your planned session comes a wave of social media sharing. Since, as everyone knows, happy attendees are the ones more prone to whip out their phone and share their experience on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter.

Using Insight to Gain Financial Support

Being able to pinpoint the attendee builds credibility and appeal when pitching for sponsorship for your event. Having an in depth knowledge of attendee backgrounds makes all the difference in the world when getting a response from a sponsor whose target also lies in the same area. It will be significantly easier to get sponsorship from sponsors from a specific industry if you pitch that a majority of your attendees are from the same industry.


The key to all this is, of course, to be able to collect those insights. The easiest way to approach this is with an event management and analytic app that can assist you in the process.

Whova event app has a wide range of abilities to not only help you gain insight into your attendees’ background, but also extend your capabilities in hosting the event.


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