Showcasing your speaker list online is a great way to attract attendees to your event. But with all the headshots, design details, and endless updates, creating a professional speaker webpage manually can be very time-consuming.

Whova can help you save time and effort creating high-quality webpages for speakers. Our new-and-improved speaker webpage features include:

  • 18+ sleek speaker webpage templates to help you start promoting your event sooner
  • Extra customization options so you can match your existing event branding
  • Automated speaker information collection to prevent tedious back-and-forth emailing

Best of all, these new speaker webpage features incur no additional costs to Whova customers.

    Create a Stylish Speaker Webpage with Just a Few Clicks

    The sooner you create your speaker webpage, the sooner you can use it to attract people to your event. After all, insightful speakers are a huge draw for many attendees.

    With Whova, you can create your speaker webpage quickly and easily. Choose from 18+ professional-looking new webpage templates. Our technology instantly generates a beautiful page that can standalone or be embedded onto your existing website with one line of copy and paste. It’s that simple.

    Try one of Whova's sleek speaker webpage templates

    < Whova offers a wide range of sleek speaker webpage templates >

    If you want to customize your design to fit your branding, Whova has now added more options. You can change the fonts and colors of your speaker webpage to meet your exact needs. This allows you to wow your online visitors and demonstrate the quality of your brand, making your event seem even more valuable and worth attending.

    Save Time Collecting Content with Whova’s Speaker Center

    Getting the speaker information you need for your webpage can be a real headache. You need to gather headshots, bios, and session details from all your speakers. Some of them may need regular reminders to submit their information, while others may keep updating their details in an attempt to provide the perfect bio. Either way, the result is the same: you’re flooded with emails and you have to go back and work on your speaker webpage over and over again.

    Whova’s Speaker Center already eliminates many of these tedious tasks. Speakers upload their own headshots, bios, and session details through the Speaker Info Collector when they’re ready. That means no more chasing speakers up for their information.

    Whova's Speaker Center automates the speaker information collection process

    What’s more, any updates your speakers make later are automatically synced across all sources. You can relax knowing that you don’t have to make any manual changes across websites — no matter how many times your speakers change their minds about their headshots.

    Get Started with Your Speaker Webpage!

    Whova helps you create professional, branded speaker webpages in a snap, so you can get the word out about your exciting event faster than ever.

    Request more information to find out how you can design your speaker webpage more easily.


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