Have you ever been pleasantly surprised at how powerful event apps are now, compared to the old days?  Event organizers now use an app as a complete solution that offers everything from detailed event information to private messaging. While it’s exciting to have a central place maintaining up-to-date event information and connecting people effectively, it can raise a concern about data security.

At Whova, we put data security as the top priority. We don’t view it as a risk management, but the most fundamental precondition for organizers and attendees’ peaceful and happy event experiences that we should absolutely meet. That’s why Whova has been trusted by many government agencies and security sensitive events organized by financial institutes, corporations, and cyber-security industries.

No Financial Data is Stored with Whova

Whova neither directly accesses nor stores highly sensitive data such as credit card info from event organizers or attendees.  There is no financial data you have to worry about in the Whova system.

Proactive Testing to Protect Against Potential Threats 

Even though Whova doesn’t handle financial data,  it is still our No. 1 priority to keep your event data and event management system secure.

We take initiative and proactively discover potential vulnerabilities by exercising regular penetration security tests both in-house and with the help of experienced “white-hat” hackers. Such penetration tests allow us to fix any potential problems before they cause any damages.  Thanks to such continuous effort, we have made our system much more robust and secure.

At Whova, security always goes first before feature development, and we act quickly even though our data is much less sensitive in comparison to financial companies or email systems.

If you have an upcoming event where keeping event data secure is your first interest, we are on the same page. Would you like to see how Whova might fit your event? Check it out here and request more information.

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