Staffed and Self Check-In

A Check-In Solution that Saves You Time and Staffing

Ditch the paper spreadsheets! Streamline the process with staffed or contactless self check-in. Registration information is instantly synced across devices.

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Testimonial by Loryn Wellman
“[Check-in] was really simple and easy because we literally could add volunteers to be check in attendance. So we didn’t have to get computers, we didn’t have to get the RFID equipment barcode scanners, we literally were just able to add them and they were able to scan people on their phone by the QR code or type in their name.”
Loryn Wellman, CEO, ThreeElevenOTwo Events
Organizer @ Generational Wealth Conference

4 Efficient Ways to Check In
Save Time, Shorten Lines, and Reduce Staff

iPad Attendee Check-in

Use the Web Dashboard

Staff can simultaneously run check-in directly from their laptop or tablet

Search on App

Search on the App

Start entering the attendee’s name to quickly check them in

QR Code Attendee Check-in

Scan QR Codes

Instantly scan with the Whova app — no fancy hardware required

contactless self check-in

Self Check-In

Set up unlimited stations for instant, contactless check-in

Streamline Your Check-In Flow

Instantly import your guest list

Sync immediately from Whova registration or easily import from another software

Update attendee list in real time

Registrant information is automatically reflected across the platform

Manage waivers and forms

See who has turned in what and prompt attendees to complete forms in the app

Save Time with Contactless Self Check-In

Quick, touchless self check-in

Check in from a laptop or tablet or by scanning QR code poster

Unlimited check-in stations

Set up unlimited tablets and QR codes — no fancy kiosks needed!

Stay socially distanced

Attendees don’t need to interact with staff to check in

Secure check-in

Enable two-factor authentication for an extra level of security

Save time, staff, and be safe with contactless self check-in

Manage Attendance for Different Ticket Types and Sessions

Check in specific days and sessions

Run separate check-in for tickets mapped to specific sessions or days

Avoid lines by setting session caps

Empower attendees to enroll for sessions through the app

Easily export attendance info

Save check-in records to manage CE credits and more

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