2016 CUTC Summer Meeting

Los Angeles, CA

Jun 6 - 8, 2016

Come to 2016 CUTC Summer Meeting and get a new perspective on the City of Angels!

Los Angeles is home to North America’s largest container port complex, the world’s 6th busiest commercial airport, and the second largest public transportation agency in the U.S. with 1433 square miles of service area and 87 miles of rail service. Los Angeles is transforming itself around transportation, from HOT lanes to new transit lines, Great Streets, and the nation’s cleanest drayage trucking fleet.

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Caesar Singh

Director - Univ. Grants Programs, US Dept of Transportation

David Kuehn

Program Manager, Federal Highway Administration

Dawn Tucker-Thomas

Grant Manager, U.S. Department of Transportation

Joshua L. Schank

Chief Innovation Officer, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Jill Hough

Associate Professor of Transportation, North Dakota State University

Jim Misener

Director, Technical Standards, Qualcomm

Joel Volinski

Research Director, University of South Florida

Lydia Mercado

Strategic Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Research & Development, US Department of Transportation

Robin Kline

Federal Grants Administrator, USDOT

Santiago Navarro

Technology Transfer Program Manager, USDOT

Ugur Demiryurek

Research Scientist, University of Southern California

Tyler Reeb

Director of research, Center for international trade and transportation

Valerie Lefler

President & CEO, Integrated Global Dimensions

Amy Stearns

Grant Manager, US Department of Transportation

Denise Dunn

Program Analyst, U.S. DOT

Janet Daly

Indexing Manager, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies

Alasdair Cain


Alex Schroeder

US Department of Energy

Ali Maher

Rutgers University Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation

Chandra Bhat

University of Texas

Jack Knott


Genevieve Giuliano

University Of Southern California

Hau Hagedorn

Protland State University

Jody Bohn Baldock

Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute North Dakota State University

Karen Philbrick

Mineta Institute, San Jose University

Lily Elefteriadou


Melissa Tooley

Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A & M

Stan Caldwell

Carnegie Mellon University

Thomas O'Brien


Kevin Womack

Department of Transportation

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