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NFL Flag Summit

Brought together NFL FLAG leagues from across the country with 50 speakers and tons of in-person activities.


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Harvard Kennedy School Reunion

Connected over a thousand alumni across different graduating classes with unique strategies.


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Air Force Eastern Regional Environmental Restoration Summit

Air Force Civil Engineering Center partnered with Whova for their first virtual event with governments from 20+ states.


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United Nations Data Forum

Whova supported United Nations for an international hybrid event in Switzerland that connects thousands of data scientists globally.


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MIT Space Sector Market Conference

The hybrid event brought in NASA senior advisor, US Space Command Major, MIT department head, Raytheon executives, and more.


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California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

A highly successful conference with 1,000 attendees that transitioned to virtual in only 5 days.


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UK & Ireland Fuel Distribution Expo and Future Fuels

A leading cross-nation expo with 250+ tiered exhibitor leads and 300,000+ sponsor impressions.


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Oregon Women Veterans Conference

Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs partnered with Whova for the state’s largest gathering of women veterans.


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NCSA & Nasdaq Cyber-Security Summit

Experts such as Information Security Officer of Bank of America, Nasdaq Senior Security Director of Information spoke at the summit.


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10th Submarine Institute of Australia Conference

An early hybrid event with a unique strategy for running sessions and securing sponsor visibility.


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Women's Business Conference, Indianapolis

Brought together leading businesswomen and secured major benefits for sponsors.


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California State PTA 122nd Annual Convention

The California PTA managed 100s of speakers and leveraged the Artifact Center to host their Reflections contest.


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Canadian Association for University Continuing Education

5 concurrent sessions, different sessions for different attendees, speed networking, and more.


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PBS NewsHour SRL Academy

PBS NewsHour successfully fought screen fatigue with Whova’s engagement tools such as online Q&A, social wall, polling, and more.


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Asia Pacific Advance Network Annual Conference

Organized 200+ speakers in the 5-day conference with 50+ sessions and workshops.


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Leadership events, training events, retreats, and more...

See how corporations such as BP, Godiva, Adidas, and more use Whova for their internal and external events.


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Viva Las Vegas Rockability Weekend

The 4-day musical festival attracted 5,000 music lovers with 500+ photos shared and 1 million+ sponsor impressions.


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Women Data Leader's Global Summit

CDO magazine held the summit that had 90 female leading women data experts speakers to talk about leadership and innovation.


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ICSA Annual Conference

The non-profit International Cultic Studies Association used Whova to host 3 times the amount of attendees.


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Information Systems Security Association Peak Cyber Symposium

ISSA brought 500+ cybersecurity experts in person to their annual summit using Whova.


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University Hospitals Annual Cardiovascular Disease Update

With Whova, University Hospitals held their annual meeting in order to provide physicians with continuing medical education credits.


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Western Intergovernmental Child Support Training Conference

The organization linked state and federal officials from across the United States in the conference.


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Podfest Global Summit

The world’s largest event for podcasters broke a Guinness World Record and attracted over 5,000 attendees worldwide.


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NAAMLP Conference by Nevada Division of Minerals

Within 2 weeks, the conference pivoted online with 100 speakers from states government and CEOs and directors from industry.


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London International Youth Science Forum

A two-week hybrid research conference with 50+ in-app poster presentations and 1000s of engagement actions.


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Australia Air Transport World Conference

The biggest aviation conference in Australia hosted 300+ sessions in 4 days, reaching over 90% app adoption.


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Australia National University Career Connect

Australia National University partnered with Whova for their career fair with nearly 200 job openings and 1000+ attendees.


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Lincolnshire, UK County Council Climate Summit

The UK local government held the in-person conference for discussions with citizens and business officials.


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Society for Conservation Biology IMCC6

Annual science conference with over 10,000 messages and one million sponsor impressions.


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TEDx AmericasFinestCity

Boosted engagement with interactive challenges and by linking the Whova app with social media.


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The 24th Annual Society of Environmental Journalism Conference

High engagement event that brought together journalists, scientists, government officials, and more.


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SIOPSA Conference: Re-humanising Work

Successful conference and expo with thousands of engagement actions and a 95% app download rate.


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International Union for Conservation of Nature Global Youth Summit

The International union hosted their 2-week summit of more than 10,000 attendees with Whova.


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Trinity Partners Fall Trip

Trinity Partners LLC invited their staffs and clients to their fall trip and had a great time connecting each other and relaxing.


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International Servant Leader Summit

The leadership conference utilized Whova to connect all the non tech-savvy attendees, making hundreds of discussion topics in the app.


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FORGE: Healthcare Hackathon

Provided valuable networking opportunities and multiple event challenges using a unique strategy.


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North East Expo

Connected delegates with hundreds of exhibitors during a large one day business event.


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Northern Colorado Writers Conference

Hundreds of writers came to the online conference for tens of workshops and breakout sessions.


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Philippine Chemistry Congress

The largest gatherings of the Philippine chemistry community used Whova and got 20K+ posts and 1.2K+ photos


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PaPSC Annual Conference

Whova supported the 22-day gathering where attendees hosted 20+ meetups with hundreds of photos shared.


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ShiftCon Los Angeles

An international conference that increased engagement with social media tools and various gamifications.


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National Rural ITS

Brought together a wide range of attendees, effectively connecting them even before the event began.


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HR Indiana Annual Conference & Expo

A highly successful online expo, with over 9,000 exhibitor leads and 44,000 booth views.


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Think Chicago: Lollapalooza

Connected college students with tech industry representatives for education and networking opportunities.


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