2017 Cal-TASH Conference

San Diego CA

Mar 3 - 4, 2017

Join us in San Diego for the 34th Cal Tash Annual Conference and Meeting, March 3rd and 4th, 2017! This year's theme is "Inclusion through the Lifespan" with a focus on the 2016 HCBS (Home and Community Based Services) ruling and its impact on services for children, youth, and adults with disabilities.

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Kirk Hinkleman

Associate Director, Life Works

Bio: Kirk Hinkleman is the Associate Director of Life Works. Having worked in the human services field since 1998, Kirk has a wide range of experience working with people with unique and challenging support needs. Upon graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2001, with a degree in Sociology, Kirk shifted his career focus to working with adults looking to live fully inclusive, independent lives in the community. Kirk met his now business partner and co-creator of awesome, Beth Gallagher, in 2007. The pairing has proven to be dynamic every step of the way. Kirk is committed to dismantling archaic structures, systems and thinking as it pertains to people who experience disabilities finding valued social roles in neighborhoods. Kirk is convinced that we need to view people through a citizen-centered lens if we what we are looking for is real, lasting and sustainable relationships with people. Co-author (along with Beth Gallagher) of “Intentional Teaming: Shifting Organizational Culture”, and Co-Creator of Liberty Plan, Kirk is committed to realizing the highest potential in people while asking Beth Mount’s question “What More Is Possible?” When asked about his mission, Kirk says: “We need to shatter the walls our culture and society create that preclude us from making simple human connections with each other in the community and in our neighborhoods. I’m particularly fascinated with the idea of kinship and love. It is my hope, with our foundation of looking at all people as viable, contributive citizens living in community, we are able to embrace to the idea that we all inherently belong to one another. Love should drive the path we walk...we are all human, and thusly, all deserve love, dignity and respect.”

Denyse Curtright

Work Services Section Chief, CA Department of Developmental Services

Bio: Contact Information: Denyse.curtright@dds.ca.gov Work.Services@dds.ca.gov 916-654-2208

Emily Bernstein


Bio: Email me at ekbernstein@gmail.com

Amy Hanreddy

Associate Professor, California State University, Northridge

Becky Tschirgi

Owner/Consultant/Trainer, Innovative Consulting Solutions

Ben Davidson

Owner, Premier Healthcare Services, LLC / PHS

Beth Gallagher

CEO, Life Works

David L. Westling

Professor of Special Education, Western Carolina University / WCU

Don Cardinal

Professor, Attallah College of Educational Studies, Director, Thompson Policy Institute , Chapman University

Elissa Eseman

Inclusion Specialist and Special Education Teacher, Piedmont Unified School District

George Singer

Professor, UC Santa Barbara

Jacki Anderson

Professor/Coordinator Programs in area of Moderate/Severe Disabilities, CA State University, East Bay

Jasmin Rocha, M.S., CRC

Independent Living Coordinator, Wayfinders at California State University, Fresno

Jean Gonsier-Gerdin

Full Professor, California State University, Sacramento / CSUS

Saili Kulkarni

Assistant Professor, CSU Dominguez Hills

Jessica Parmar

Special Education Teacher, Redondo Beach Unified School District

Jodi Robledo

Associate Professor , CSU San Marcos

Annie Cox

Executive Director, Early Education Programs, CHIME Institute

Aja McKee

Chapman University

Carole Watilo

Progressive Employment

Emily Frake

Camino Nuevo

Erika Barnathan


Frances Smith

Chime Institute

Jennifer Barnette

WISH Charter School

Jereth Suede

family member

Jessica Parsons

Let it Go Yoga

Amie Baral

Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

Amy Westling

Association of Regional Center Agencies / ARCA

Andrew Fedders


Chris Dixon

family member

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