Learning2 Europe 2017

Bielawa mazowieckie

Apr 6 - 8, 2017

Learning2 Europe - American School of Warsaw.

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Adam Campbell

Head of Design, American School of Warsaw

Bio: Designer, educator, builder, creator and mistake maker.

John Mikton

Director of eLearning and Senior Leadership Team, ICS Inter-Community School Zurich

Bio: Director of eLearning Inter Community School Zurich

Nicki Hambleton

Head of High School Art, UWCSEA

Bio: I have worked at UWCSEA in Singapore for 8 years and I am currently the Head of High School Art, previously Head of Middle School Art, Head of Grade and a Digital Literacy Coach. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator teaching internationally for over 20 years, an advocate of amalgamating Technology and Art authentically in the classroom and passionate about visual note-taking. I am a COETAIL graduate and currently distance learning on the MA Education Technology, Creativity and Thinking course at Exeter University. I teach sketchnotes to students and adults through dedicated workshops and presentations and have authored a collaborative eBook on the process of taking notes digitally with other educators. Connecting with like-minded and inspirational educators is an important part of my life and through Twitter, I engage and share interests, work, stories and ideas. My interest in helping all learners find their voice is particularly personal being an introvert myself living in a predominantly extroverted world. I want to empower individuals to find their place and to be mindful and empathetic of others, finding balance and supporting others. You can read my blog at Thinking Tradigitally and view my visual notes on Flickr.

Sarah Woods

MYP Digital Design Technology Teacher, International School of Amsterdam

Bio: Sarah is an MYP Design teacher at the International School of Amsterdam; she is both a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer and holds a Masters of Science in Education in K-12 Technology Integration. She is passionate about making a connection between tactile and digital learning experiences.

Madeleine Brookes


Bio: I’ve been a global educator for almost twenty-five years, mostly in international schools in Asia. I’ve taught at many levels in schools from Grade 1 through to Grade 12, although I have to say that I most enjoy the challenge of the upper teens as they transform into young adults. Prior to teaching, I was a programmer and marketer in the computer industry and I’m so excited to see coding making a big comeback in schools with all the STEAM initiatives. I’ve been part of the Learning2 team for over 10 years and I am honoured to serve on the board.

Caitlin Munson

Grade 2 Teacher, American School of Milan

Christopher Panna

High School Social Studies & Technology Integrationist, Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel

David Beaty

Director of Technology, International School of Stavanger

Elizabeth Perry

Digital Learning Coach, Faculty Member, International School of Prague

Holly Fraser

Primary School Educational Technology Coach, International School of Zug and Luzern

Josefino Rivera

High School English Teacher, Anglo-American School of Sofia

Kim Lelek

Educational Technology Coach, International School of Zug and Luzern

Kimberly House

Educational Technology Specialist, Bavarian International School e.V.

Laura Pitale

HS Math Teacher, American School of Warsaw

Leah Treesh

Learning Technologies Integration, Munich International School

Liz Hargreaves

Director of Teaching and Learning, American International School of Johannesburg

Marcin Ciesielski

Grade 5 Teacher and Grade Leader, ISB

Mark Dilworth

Director of Research and Organizational Development, Zurich International School

Mike Nonato

PYP Technology Coach, American School of Warsaw

Nick Kwan

HS Computer Science Teacher, Singapore American School

Rachel Bodily

MYP Mathematics Teacher, International School of Amsterdam

Ryan Strutin

High School EAL and ICT / CS Teacher, International School of Stavanger

Samantha Linehan

English / Language Arts Teacher, American School of Warsaw

Tiffany Hay

Social Studies Teacher, American School of Warsaw

Todd Reichlmayr

Teacher, American School of Milan

Troy White

DP English Language & Literature, MYP Years 4 & 5, American International School of Bucharest

Will Kirkwood

Education Technology Coordinator, Zurich International School

Diana Beabout

Lead IT Teacher, Qatar Academy Al Wakra

Sonya ter Borg

MYP Design Teacher, Nanjing International School

Fred Biggar

Theory of Knowledge Teacher, Oberoi International School

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