University of Innovative Distribution 2017

Indianapolis IN

Mar 5 - 8, 2017

The University of Innovative Distribution is a concentrated educational program focused on the unique needs of the wholesale distribution industry. 2017 marks the 24th year that UID has been serving the supply chain. Known worldwide for excellence in education, UID is sponsored by the leading distribution professional associations, in cooperation with the Department of Technology Leadership and Innovation at Purdue University. Working together, these groups take great pride in providing a superior learning experience.

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Beth Ziesenis

Author. Speaker. Nerd., Your Nerdy Best Friend

Bio: Excited for my fifth year at UID. Hope to see all the new folks and some of my returning favorites. :-)

Bob DeStefano

President, SVM E-Marketing Solutions

Bio: Bob DeStefano is an online marketing strategist and professional speaker with over 20 years of experience helping distributors and manufacturers leverage online marketing to produce bottom-line results.

D. Bruce Merrifield, Jr.

President, Merrifield Consulting Group, Inc.

Bio: D. Bruce Merrifield is an expert on high performance service management and a turn-around advisor for wholesale distribution companies and channels.

Don Buttrey

President, Sales Professional Training, Inc.

Bio: Don Buttrey is a passionate and powerful teacher. He is gifted at communicating the skills, tools and disciplines that are critical to success as a sales professional in a demanding, tough selling environment. Don is focused on each participant and is not self-focused or bent on talking about his background or ability. He is a precise coach that drives home the basics and fundamentals in such a way that the material becomes a part of the attendee’s daily regimens, practice and career! Sales people will listen to Don’s training for days without losing interest or focus. Don’s personal role-play critiques and insights during the dynamic training events produce acceptance and results that follow. He can adapt and customize each event to each unique industry, company, team and culture. We have thousands of testimonies to prove that. Don’s methods include no complex and confusing theories—just solid sales fundamentals and hard work.

Gail Alofsin

Adjunct Professor, Communications Dept, University of Rhode Island

Bio: A professional speaker, university professor, and sales and marketing executive, Gail provides audiences with specific and practical tools to achieve leadership, time management, business and communication success. Gail has served as an adjunct professor at University of Rhode Island since 1999. She is the author of Your Someday is NOW – What are YOU Waiting For? launched in April 2014. Her book is focused on work/life integration in addition to building your personal brand through leadership and positivity.

Jason Bader

Owner / Senior Consultant, The Distribution Team

Bio: Jason Bader is the managing partner of The Distribution Team. The Distribution Team specializes in providing excellence in inventory management training, business operations consulting and technology utilization to the wholesale distribution industry. Jason brings over 20 years of experience working in the distribution field. He has overseen various operational teams, managed small and large facilities, and served in an executive management capacity for the last 10 years of his distribution career.

Jill Geisler

Bill Plante Chair in Leadership and Media Integrity, Loyola University Chicago

Bio: Jill Geisler is an expert in leadership and management. She teaches and coaches leaders from Boston to Bhutan. Jill holds the Bill Plante Chair in Leadership and Media Integrity at Loyola University Chicago. Previously, she spent 16 years guiding the leadership and management programs of the Poynter Institute. She is the author of the book “Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know,” writes a monthly management column for the Columbia Journalism Review, and just launched her latest podcast: “Q&A: Leadership and Integrity in the Digital Age” on iTunes U. The new podcast builds on the success of her “What Great Bosses Know” podcasts, which have been downloaded millions of times. Jill’s first career was in broadcast journalism. Way back in the 1970’s, she became one of the first women TV news directors in the United States and had the joy of building a strong and successful newsroom culture over her 25 year newsroom tenure. Jill holds a Bachelors degree in journalism and a Masters in leadership studies. Her management mantra is: “Life’s too short to work with jerks.”

Jim Pancero

President, Jim Pancero, Inc

Bio: Jim has been directly involved in "business-to-business" selling for over 40 years. Six of those years were spent successfully selling the largest computer systems for the Data Processing Division of the IBM Corporation. During Jim's prestigious IBM career he earned several awards including the coveted "Golden Circle" designation annually awarded to the top 5% of their international sales force.

John F. Monoky, Ph.D.

president, Monoky & Associates

Bio: John is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Michigan and is a principal in Monoky & Associates -- a sales and marketing consulting firm. He is an active trainer and has served on the faculty of executive development programs at the University of Michigan, Syracuse University, Pennsylvania State University, Texas A&M, Ohio State University, The University of Delaware and the University of Toledo.

Justin King

Senior Partner, B2X Partners

Bio: With almost 20 years working in e-commerce, Justin King has been on the forefront of the growth and trends in e-commerce. Justin is the founder of and works with customers to help them understand and build e-commerce strategies that are visionary, tactical and have a meaningful business impact.

Kathryne Newton

Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Faculty Success, Purdue University

Bio: Professor of Industrial Distribution, Technology Leadership and Innovation Dept., at Purdue University, 2007 - present. She is also the coordinator of University of Industrial Distribution Executive Management Conference, appointed September, 2005.

Paul Reilly

President, Reilly Sales Training

Bio: Paul Reilly is the founder and president of Reilly Sales Training. He began his training career by joining Tom Reilly Training. Although Tom Reilly Training has a rich 33-year history in Value-Added Selling, he decided to start a new sales training company with a different focus. Reilly Sales Training offers a complete range of training programs, consulting services, and training assessments. Before entering the training industry, Paul spent over fifteen years as a salesperson. He began his sales career at the age of 16 in St. Louis, MO. During high school, he sold carwashes for Waterway Gas & Wash. During college, he started a painting company through the franchise organization, College Pro. Paul attended the University of Missouri – Columbia, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Business Marketing. He went on to earn his MBA from Webster University.

Randy Disharoon

Vice President - Global Strategic Accounts, Rexnord

Bio: Randy’s extensive background in both distribution and manufacturing makes him uniquely qualified to address the issues that both types of organizations face in today’s market environment. Randy holds a B.S. in Engineering and two master’s degrees, including an MBA. At age 23, he was certified as a nuclear engineer. At 25, he was leading training courses for officers in the nuclear Navy. He was soon promoted to manager, overseeing the development of new courses for the Pentagon.

Sam Richter

Top-Rated Sales Keynote Speaker | Conferences, Events, and Meetings, Sam Richter | Know More | SBR Worldwide, LLC

Bio: Sam Richter is an internationally recognized expert on sales, marketing, and leadership. His award-winning experience includes building innovative technology, sales, and marketing programs for start-up companies and some of the world's most famous brands.

Steve Deist

Partner, Indian River Consulting Group

Bio: Steve Deist has been a IRCG Partner for six years. He has over 20 years of experience working for hundreds of distributor, retail, manufacturer and private equity clients in dozens of lines of trade.

Steve McClatchy

President, Alleer Training & Consulting

Bio: Steve founded Alleer Training and Consulting out of his passion for adult learning and for the field of training and development. He has worked in sales, sales management, training and consulting for such organizations as The Pillsbury Company, Broderbund Software and Forte Systems.

William R. McCleave, Jr., Ph.D.

President, W.R. McCleave& Associates

Bio: Bill McCleave is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer and president of W. R. McCleave & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in relationship management for industrial distributors, manufacturers and their customers. He is also a leading expert on Integrated Supply. He has over 25 years of industry experience in executive managerial roles and has served as an advisor and trainer to a wide variety of distributor and industrial clients.

Al Bates

Profit Planning Group

Bio: Dr. Albert D. Bates, Chairman and President, is the founder of the Profit Planning Group, a research and executive education firm headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The firm works exclusively in the area of corporate financial planning.

Daniel McQuiston, Ph.D.

Butler University

Bio: Daniel H. McQuiston is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the College of Business. His research interest include industrial buying behavior, personal selling, industrial channels of distribution, industrial branding, relationship marketing, and customer service.

Don A. Rice, Ph.D.

Texas A&M University

Bio: Dr. Rice is a noted author, lecturer and consultant to the distribution industry. His areas of expertise include: Profitability, Customer Service, Quality, Cash management and others areas. He has written nine books on distribution management. He has served on numerous Boards of Directors of companies with sales ranging from 10 million to one billion dollars. He is exceptionally well informed concerning profitability with many successful distributor clients earning 30% annually or more on their investment. He was Coordinator of the Industrial Distribution Program at Texas A&M University for 28 years. He was listed first among the top 20 Most Influential People in the Electrical Industry in America by Electrical Wholesaling. He served two years on the Texas Governor's Council for Quality Texas and is a noted authority in the applications of the Quality Process to distribution. Because of his excellence in teaching and his national reputation as an industry leader he has been awarded the title of Professor Emeritus in Industrial Distribution at Texas A&M University.

J. Michael Marks

Indian River Consulting Group

Bio: J. Michael Marks is a dynamic speaker, popular business author, and successful consultant. After two decades in distribution management, Mike co-founded Indian River Consulting Group.

Jim Miller

Brown Gibbons Lang & Company

Bio: Mr. Miller has over a decade of wholesale distribution financial advisory experience. He has worked with more than two dozen leading wholesale distributors, including over a dozen "top-100" distributors in various market segments. He has worked intensively with acquirers of distribution organizations providing comprehensive industry searches, company screening and due diligence services such as competitive analysis, profitability enhancement evaluation and growth opportunities review to corporations and private equity funds as they considered distribution-related investments. Prior to co-founding Supply Chain Equity, Jim founded, built and headed the Distribution Advisory Practice at Brown Gibbons Lang & Company.

Jon Schreibfeder

Effective Inventory Management, Inc.

Bio: Jon Schreibfeder is president of Effective Inventory Management, Inc., a firm dedicated to helping manufacturers, distributors, and large retailers get the most out of their investment in stock inventory. For over 20 years, Jon has helped over two thousand firms improve their productivity and profitability through better inventory management.

Joseph C. Ellers

Bio: Since 1987, Joe Ellers has worked with over 900 businesses-in almost every industry, throughout the world.

Judy Hoberman

Selling in a Skirt

Bio: After nearly 30 years in the sales side of business, Judy Hoberman has seen a variety of techniques come and go, delivering flash without substance and ultimately leaving adopters high and dry. After completing her position as an award-winning training director, Judy has taken her career on a new path as a successful speaker, consultant and entrepreneur, addressing the differences in sales techniques between men and women, and the advantages of a female-focused approach. Judy is a true entrepreneur at heart with experience both in the self-employed and corporate arenas, she was personally selected by the President and CEO of a large insurance company to bring her talents into the corporate office. Her task was to demystify the sales process for 3,000 field agents and resulted in being awarded the Character and Integrity award from the field for her contribution to their remarkable success. After creating a turn-key national training program for both managers and salespeople, she decided to develop on-site training for another one of her passions – the challenges faced by women in sales. Having been mentored by men her whole career, Judy has turned her training talents to the differences in sales techniques between men and women.

Michael E. Workman, Ph.D.

Texas A&M University

Bio: Michael Workman is an accomplished author, speaker and instructor of management, leadership, and business development programs. He has done extensive international training and research in wholesale distribution.

Michael Schatzki

Negotiation Dynamics®

Bio: For more than 20 years, Michael Schatzki, Principal of Negotiation Dynamics®, has designed and delivered hundreds of sales negotiation seminars for businesses and organizations in the United States, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Plus, as a practicing negotiator, he consults with clients, helping them navigate and succeed with their most challenging negotiations.

Steve Boyd

Northern Kentucky University

Bio: Steve D. Boyd has been involved in the study and practice of communication all of his adult life. His experience and expertise is in improving presentation skills, interpersonal skills, and listening skills.

Tim Underhill

Underhill & Associates

Bio: Tim Underhill is president of Underhill & Associates - a consulting firm whose mission is to improve its clients' profitability through increased sales, improved supplier/channel management and reduced operating costs. Tim has worked with customers to develop commodity/service plans, evaluate suppliers based on total cost and implement supply chain initiatives.

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