As an expo organizer, probably the biggest challenge is how to attract more exhibitors to your expo. It can help you cover high costs including venue, people, and food while turning a nice profit from your day and night sweat spent organizing this expo.

But you also know that a vendor signing up for your expo depends on whether they can get their money’s worth. Their ultimate goal is to attract customers and generate more business for themselves. To address such motivation and provide a good ROI for exhibitors, many high-end trade shows (e.g. CES, DreamForce) employ expensive solutions such as QR scanners or ibeacon-enabled technology to help vendors generate more leads. Unfortunately, such high-end solutions are too expensive and also time-consuming for a large number of cost-conscious expos to leverage.

To address this demand, Whova’s new mobile functionality can enable you to bring top-notch event technology to your expo. You can attract and secure more exhibitors by helping them increase booth traffic, collect and retrieve leads through QR scanning, get insight and engage with high-quality leads, and more, all through the easy-to-use, award-winning Whova Mobile app. 

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< Watch the video to see how Whova’s Event Slideshow can benefit your events > 

#1. QR scanner within an event app that makes lead retrieval easier

QR Scanner in the Whova Event App

< Convenient QR code scanning and lead retrieval on the Whova event app >

Benefits for Exhibitors: With the Whova lead retrieval app, your exhibitors don’t need to pay for expensive badge scanners that only provide attendees’ contact information.  Without needing a separate device or a learning curve, exhibitors can use their phones to scan QR codes on booth visitors’ badges or on the visitors’ phones. The lead list can be exported into a spreadsheet at any time and shared with their colleagues through email. That’s not all: exhibitors can further obtain insights about leads through their profiles and interact with them during and after the event.   

Benefits for Organizers: You don’t have to worry about the high cost of traditional QR scanners and lead retrieval systems as all are now included in your Whova event app. As it is easy to use on exhibitors’ phones, you don’t need to educate them or resolve any issues or complaints about the unfamiliar hardware.

#2.  Live mobile engagement that increases booth traffic

Exhibitor Profile on the Whova App

< An exhibitor profile including raffles/giveaways/coupon and lead engagement with likes, comments, photos, and more>

Benefits for Exhibitors:  Exhibitors can boost their brand visibility by including raffles/giveaways/coupons into their custom profiles in the Whova event app. Attendees can directly sign up for those promotions through the app with one button, which channels their contact information to exhibitors in real time. Most of all, Whova’s new features allow attendees to post comments, pictures, and likes on the exhibitor profile page just like on “Yelp”. Such live engagement helps exhibitors increase foot traffic to their exhibition booths.

Benefits for Organizers: You organizers don’t have to spend time collecting and uploading exhibitors’ contact information, company descriptions, logos, or promotions for tens or hundreds of exhibitors into an event app.  As Whova offers an exhibitor portal where each exhibitor can set up their company profiles by themselves, you just need to send the guideline email to your exhibitors through the Whova dashboard with one easy click.

#3.  Attendee insights and lead nurturing

Attendee Insight Lead Nurturing on Whova

< Attendee profiles and lead nurturing tools including the community board, in-app messaging, and more >

Benefits for Exhibitors:  Besides collecting leads’ contact info from QR scanning, exhibitors can also use Whova to gain real-time insights of the booth visitors and use that information to nurture the relationship. For example, exhibitors can conveniently explore event participants’ SmartProfiles including their public information (e.g. affiliations, titles, professional backgrounds, social links, pictures, etc.), and send out in-app messages to qualified leads, set up personal meetings, and exchange e-business cards through the app.  They can further promote their brands or special promotions through the community board and in-app messages on the Whova app.  

Benefits for Organizers: It’s time to provide your expo’s unique value for your exhibitors, going beyond QR scanners. It doesn’t even require any extra effort; in fact, it can even help streamline many of your processes. The Whova trade show app can provide both valuable lead information and lead engagement tools for your exhibitors.

#4.  Cutting-edge app features that make an expo exciting and easy to explore

Benefits for both Organizers and Exhibitors: Easy-to-browse indoor maps and exhibitor lists with search options are the most essential features to guide expo guests to explore your event and maximize their time there. Whova’s mobile brochure is available at anytime, anywhere, even without Wi-Fi or data services.  
You can make your expo more dynamic, exciting, and engaging with Whova. With only a few clicks, you can set up gamification on the Whova app, a live slideshow on a big screen (Whova’s solution evolved from traditional Social Wall), and live polling for people’s awards or collecting instant feedback, all of which have helped make hundreds of events more successful.


How to make it all happen with ease on Whova


  • Send exhibitors the link to the Whova’s exhibitor portal and ask them to customize the profile page as they wish.  Conveniently use Whova’s email campaign feature with email templates on the Whova all-in-one Event Management System (EMS).
  • Contact us to request a demo or receive more information.


  • Set up an exhibitor profile and coupons/giveaways through the Whova’s exhibitor portal
  • Scan attendees’ QR codes with the Whova app and export the lead list into a spreadsheet
  • Explore attendee profiles and engage them with in-app messages, community board, group chat, business card exchanging, Twitter outlet, etc., even after the event


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An event app is not just for a mobile brochure anymore.  The Whova event app can be a great vehicle for exhibitors to boost lead generation, discovery, retrieval, and engagement. It will turn your event into a more powerful lead generation channel for your exhibitors, which will help you attract and secure more exhibitors year after year and grow your expo as a must-have in your industry.

Let us know about your upcoming events here  we would love to help make it happen.

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