Photos are an important way for attendees to capture event memories, keeping them fresh in their minds and incentivizing them to return year after year. They can also be a valuable tool for spreading the word about your event.

Introducing: Whova’s digital photo booth, which allows attendees to easily take photos with custom event frames directly from their web or mobile event app. Use the photo booth to:

  • Highlight what makes your event stand out
  • Encourage attendees to share branded content
  • Create further visibility for event sponsors
  • Capture memories that will keep attendees coming back

With Whova, you can inspire attendees to create shareable content, and bring the fun, dynamic experience of a photo booth to in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. 

Attendees can share photos with different branded frames with the digital photo booth

Attendees can share photos with different branded frames with the digital photo booth

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Highlight your event’s brand and cause

Easily create different frames with just a few clicks! With custom overlays, you don’t need to be a designer to create professional-looking frames for your event just choose the frame shapes you want and customize the colors and text. 

As organizer, you can choose between professional and fun frames, as well as featuring your event’s name and logo. This can also be an opportunity to further your event’s cause by featuring relevant hashtags and slogans. After the organizer has set the frames for that event, attendees can choose between the options provided for their pictures!

Share photos on social media and within the event

Photo frames aren’t just fun by encouraging attendees to create and share branded content, they can also market your event without you having to lift a finger.

When attendees take pictures at your event and add custom event frames, they’ll be more likely to share them on social media or even within the event’s in-app photo gallery, spreading the word about your event and furthering the sense of community within it.

They can even connect to social media directly from the app to make sharing easier!

Share photos on social media and in the event

Promote sponsors and exhibitors

Do you have sponsors or exhibitors at your event? Give them a new level of visibility by creating frames that highlight their brands with company names, colors, logos, hashtags, and slogans. This can also be an opportunity to tier sponsorship by giving the highest level sponsors custom photo frames. 

A touch-free, 21st-century photo booth

An event photo booth is always a great way to capture memories and connect with other attendees at events. With Whova, you can bring this concept into the 21st century in a way that’s equally applicable to in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. 

Not only does the digital photo booth mimic the same types of frames and customization you would get from a physical photo booth, but even the experience of taking a picture is similar. Attendees can take a selfie directly from the app, which will count down as the users get into position. From there, attendees can choose between the different frames for that event and add them to their photos.

Attendees can get into place as the app counts down to take the picture, just like with a physical photo booth!

Attendees can get into place as the app counts down to take the picture, just like with a physical photo booth!

Capture event memories 

At the end of the day, photos are about memories: both capturing them and creating new ones in the moment! By giving attendees more options to customize their pictures, you encourage them to take new ones, connecting people in a fun and simple way.

Attendees will create stronger connections by posing with fellow attendees and have the images to show for it for years to come, inspiring them to continue returning to the event in the future.

Connect attendees and share your event

From capturing memories to sharing them with others, photos are a great way to make sure your event stays fresh in attendees’ minds. With the digital photo booth, taking and sharing these pictures is more convenient than ever, and directly incorporates your brand into shareable content. 

If you want to learn more about the way Whova helps you creatively engage attendees and promote your event, sign up today for a free demo.

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