May 31, 2024

Want to ensure your event’s success? Effective communication is key. Studies show that events with strong communication strategies see a 30% jump in attendee satisfaction and a 25% increase in repeat sponsorships. By promptly addressing everyone’s needs through —attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and volunteers—you can improve their experience and avoid logistical issues.

Since its beginning, Whova has developed powerful features to enhance event communication. For instance, Announcements are one of our platform’s most popular features, used by 90% of Whova customers to keep participants informed about last-minute updates, schedule or location changes, and survey reminders.

Thousands of satisfied Whova customers also utilize the Message Speakers feature to communicate effectively with speakers, sending essential information like media release forms, parking instructions, reminders about presentation materials, and other logistical details. Recently, the Message Exhibitors feature was introduced to streamline communication between organizers and exhibitors. It simplifies sending instructions on booth setup, lead retrieval, rental agreements, and check-in processes, ensuring exhibitors are well-informed.

Now, we are excited to introduce our latest communication update, Message SponsorsThis new feature allows you to thank sponsors, inform them about ways to increase their visibility, update them on event milestones and achievements, promote future events, and much more. All these interactions can be fully customized and personalized, providing a comprehensive solution for engaging and nurturing your sponsors!

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Engage With Your Sponsors Before, During, and After Events

Whova’s Message Sponsors feature allows you to connect effectively with sponsors throughout the event lifecycle. 

Communicate with sponsors before, during, and after the event.

Here are a few examples of messages organizers can send:

— Before the Event 

  • Welcome & Thank You: Express your heartfelt gratitude to your sponsors. Highlight their incredible event contributions and let everyone know how their invaluable support helps make the magic happen.
  • Engagement & Updates: Share regular updates about exciting event developments, key milestones, and achievements. Keep your sponsors in the loop and amplify their brand exposure. 
  • Logo Placement: Inform your sponsors about their strategic logo placement throughout event materials, websites, and social media. Get them ready to shine brightly.
  • Logistics & Information: Provide sponsors with all essential logistical details, from setup information to key contact points, to ensure a smooth and seamless event experience.

— During the Event 

  • Exclusive Events: Elevate your sponsors’ experience with invitation-only events designed to ignite connections and forge lasting partnerships.
  • How-to-Guides: Equip your sponsors with the knowledge they need to maximize ROI with their Digital Booths and Sponsor Outreach Campaigns.

— After the Event

  • Appreciation & Feedback: Keep the momentum going after the event by showing your sincere gratitude to sponsors and gathering valuable feedback. 
  • Impact Reports: Showcase your sponsors’ success through impactful reports. Highlight key metrics like brand mentions, lead generation, and website traffic. 
  • Future Engagement: Promote your upcoming events and ignite excitement for future collaborations. Offer exclusive incentives for early renewals and referrals, and watch your sponsor network grow even stronger. 

Streamline Communication with Ready-to-Use Templates

Don’t start from scratch—Whova supercharges your sponsor communication with ready-made templates you can customize in a flash. Engage your sponsors with polished, professional emails that feel authentic and relevant.

Communicate faster and better with professional email templates.

Personalize Every Message with Customized Fields

Easily personalize every message with sponsor’s name, company name, tier, and more.  This personalized touch lets you connect with each sponsor individually, increase engagement, and build stronger relationships.

Simply click on the correct field to personalize your communication.

Targeted Communication Based on Sponsorship Tiers

Plus, Whova lets you laser-target messages to different sponsor tiers, guaranteeing your communication hits the bullseye for every partnership level. No need for generic emails blasting out to all tiers. Instead, you can create targeted campaigns that speak directly to the unique goals and interests of each sponsor level. 

Select which sponsors you want to message with one click.

Easily Nurture Your Sponsorship Relationship with Whova

Enhance your sponsor relationships with Whova. Our platform lets you effortlessly show appreciation, share important updates, and educate sponsors on ways to increase their event exposure. 

Save time with our ready-made templates and use our secure Sponsor Portal for streamlined messaging. Trust in Whova to facilitate seamless communication with your sponsors and strengthen those key partnerships before, during, and after your event. 

Ready to boost your sponsor relationships? Request a Whova demo and discover how our all-in-one event management platform simplifies communication and sponsor engagement.

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