We are excited to announce that we were awarded the People’s Choice Award and the Best Use of Technology for Audience Participation at the Event Technology Awards 2018! This is the most prestigious awards program, often referred to as the ‘Oscars’ of the event technology industry. We are so delighted to be a winner of the third year in a row since 2016.

  • Whova appreciates your support   The People’s Choice Award is particularly special because hundreds of thousands of real event organizers and attendees worldwide cast their vote for their Favorite Event Technology Supplier. Winning the top award (GOLD) in this category was a huge honor and we are so grateful to everyone who has shaped Whova to be the favorite in this category.
  • Event Industry trusts Whova’s innovation will change event experiences  We truly believed that the event industry needs to have new ways to get attendees engaged and boost audience participation. So, we have accelerated innovation to create a whole new event experience, and today we are so thrilled to be recognized for our impact on the industry. We’d like to further optimize more events with our advanced solutions.

Whova 2018: Making Organizers’ Jobs Easier

It’s been a huge year for Whova, as we further advanced our technology and evolved to offer a better product for event organizers and attendees. As a quick recap, here’s what we’re most proud of this year in terms of making organizers’ jobs easier.

    • With the multi-track support and track filtering, you can easily visualize and navigate a complicated agenda on a small screen. The color tagging, track filtering, and search options are especially useful. 
    • Session capacity and waitlist management are easy. You can keep track of session enrollment, estimate and/or set a capacity, automatically send attendees to a waitlist and check in attendees. You don’t need to worry about overcrowded or half-empty rooms anymore.
    • Customizable agenda web pages can be created with just one line of copy & paste onto your event website. This is a favorite feature of organizers, as it will auto-update as speakers and schedules change, saving a whole lot of tedious work.  
    • It got more reliable, secure and faster. Whova Improved it’s underlying infrastructure so that it can easily handle over hundreds of thousands simultaneous users at events around the world.

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Better Audience Participation than Ever

Importantly, we made event experiences even better by not only organically drawing them into event activities but empowering attendees to create personal experiences to achieve their goals. So many event organizers excitedly shared their success with us and thanked Whova for the following: 

  • With the versatile Community Board, attendees can coordinate a ride share, plan social activities and gatherings, create custom discussion topics, post job and career opportunities, create social groups, share interesting web articles, and more!
  • The new leaderboard and the friendly competition game naturally draw attendees into the app and increase both the event participation and your app adoption. While earning scores, attendees can be well prepared, get the most out of the event, and make valuable connections. 
  • The fun-ice breaker helps attendees introduce themselves in a humorous way, start off their networking through the app even before your event begins, and get a conversation flowing smoothly. 

Your Next Event can be Different

If you are organizing events, contact us and learn more about how Whova can help make your event a huge success. We will continue to propel conferences and events’ revolution and create the best event experiences both for organizers and attendees. We believe that it is the best way to give back to our customers, attendees, and all the people who have loved Whova.


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