Events provide the perfect backdrop for sharing interests and industry knowledge. The problem for many attendees is meeting others with commonalities. But if your event app provides more socializing and networking opportunities, you can give your attendees an unforgettable experience.

Whova’s advanced matchmaking capabilities already provide attendees with people matches based on shared interests. Now it’s even easier for attendees to self-organize a way to meet up with their matches. This helps make free time and networking at your event even more enjoyable.

Plus, when you use the Whova event app, this engaging feature is included for free and doesn’t require you to lift a finger.

Meet-ups through Attendee Matchmaking

< With just a few clicks on the Whova event app, attendees can self-organize Meet-ups with like-minded people >

Offer Stress-free Networking and Social Time

Whova’s Attendee Matchmaking suggests everyone an attendee may want to meet based on their shared professional backgrounds, locations, and interests. All matches are quick and easy to browse, which means no more tedious scrolling through a long, random list of names.

SmartProfiles are pre-populated with big data analysis and data mining. As a result, the recommendations are highly accurate, and neither you or your attendees have to set up the profiles manually. Of course, attendees can still edit or add to their profiles if they want to see even better matches!

Enable Attendees to Meet Their Matches

Attendees can easily self-organize a way to meet up with their matches before and during the event. There’s no need to try to remember attendee names and contact details, and then write a mass email invitation.

As soon as attendees click on a group of recommended people in the app, they are given the choice to join an existing Meet-up organized by the group, or to start their own Meet-up with just one click.

For example, attendees who enjoy fitness can organize a morning run or yoga session together. Those who enjoy traveling can meet up to explore the local area on a city tour. Meanwhile, attendees who are interested in AI can organize a networking session with other attendees who work in this industry.

This new Whova feature doesn’t just prevent missed connections — it also helps attendees have an incredible event experience as part of a community.

Give Your Attendees a More Personalized Experience

You want to engage your attendees at your event, but you already have enough to do, from creating your event webpages, to setting up your event app, and promoting it on social media.

With Whova, you can give each attendee personalized recommendations for people with commonalities and an easy way to meet up. And that’s all without adding to your workload.

Request more information to find out how you can personalize the attendee experience with our event app.


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