Six years ago, we released our online registration system, seamlessly managing ticketing while streaming the registrant information into event apps, event websites and event management tools in a consolidated platform. Since then, more than 10,000 events have switched to Whova Registration to save money and time.

Over the years, we’ve continued to improve Whova’s registration system to match the varied needs of different types of events, with advanced features such as multiple registration pages, customizable question forms and confirmation emails, group ticketing, campaign link tracking, registration retargeting, and more. 

With our latest update, Invite-only Ticketing, organizers can easily plan exclusive events, exclusive sessions, or discounted tickets by limiting registrations to a pre-approved group of attendees or people from a specified list of organizations.

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What events can benefit from invite-only tickets?

There are a number of reasons an event may want to limit event registration to a pre-approved list – for instance, the event may be intended for a specific group, such as company employees or association members, or as an exclusive opportunity for industry leaders to connect. There could even be confidential information shared at the event, making exclusivity a top priority. 

Some event types that may benefit from invite-only ticketing include:

  • Company training or team-building
  • Members-only association events
  • University events
  • Reunions
  • Exclusive professional summits
  • Executive forums

Do you want to keep some of your event content private, but keep the majority open to the public? Organizers can also choose to set invite-only restrictions for only certain ticket types while still making the other tickets available. Organizers can limit certain ticket types to create exclusive options for:

  • VIP tickets
  • Discounted tickets
  • Free student tickets
  • Tickets at “members-only” prices
  • And whatever else suits your event!

Set registration restrictions for different ticket types

Flexible ways to control who can register

There are two different ways you can limit your registrants: by email list and by email domains.

To set a pre-approved email list, easily input the emails of everyone whitelisted for your event by uploading an Excel spreadsheet with the emails listed. This works especially well for tickets with a more defined guest list, such as VIP tickets, exclusive conferences, or smaller forums.

If you’re pulling from a more flexible pool of possible attendees, such as alumni of a specific school or employees of a company, you can instead limit tickets to a specific email domain (or what comes after the “@” in your email address). You can even whitelist up to 10 different domains for your event, so only attendees with emails under those domains can register. This is a great way to handle ticketing for student events and internal company events, where attendees have the same email domain, so you don’t have to upload each pre-approved email address.

Control registration by uploading a list of emails or by restricting to certain domains

More flexibility with special pricing

Do you have specific registrants you want to give a special rate? With this update, there’s a simple way to ensure those specific registrants receive that pricing: just create a ticket with a discounted price and restrict it to that registrant’s email address.

This way, your guest can get a unique rate, while you have the peace of mind of knowing that no one else can take advantage of the discounted pricing. You can even combine this with Whova’s Group Ticket feature, ensuring that only individuals from a specific group (such as employees from a partner company or students from a certain university) have access to the discount.

Make your event more attractive with exclusivity

People want what they can’t have. That’s why luxury brands like Louis Vuitton have such reach – because not everyone can have their products. This marketing strategy is just as applicable to event planning: implementing an invite-only promotional strategy can actually help drum up excitement for your event.

By being part of an exclusive guest list, those invited to your event will feel special and even more excited about attending. This can not help you not only increase ticket sales among approved registrants but also help spread the word about your event or organization for the future!

More power over registration than ever

As more and more events use Whova, our platform continues to grow, giving organizers increasingly robust control over all areas of event planning. With our flexible, fully-integrated registration tools, event ticketing is more powerful and easier to use than ever.

Interested in our other registration tools or how else we can support your event? Sign up today for a free demo.

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