It always takes an admirable amount of hard work by event organizers like you to make an event successful. That’s why we tried to make event planning a fun process with the organizer proficiency gamification among all Whova customers. By making use of different features on the Whova platform, you could earn points and level up. Since we’re based in San Diego, we were using different fishes to commemorate your rise through the ranks. 

However, such a gamification system, while effective, lacked the flexibility and granularity of recognizing your progress in specific areas. Plus, some customers told us that they don’t like to be called a Blue Whale 🙂

With all these in mind, we’re redesigning our organizer dashboard and introducing the Organizer Badges to make our organizer gamification more fun and inclusive! We are now also rewarding badges to organizers who shine on one of the five different aspects of event planning, such as “Organizer Hero” for improving team efficiency, “Communicating Wizard” for timely communication, “Creative Unicorn” for maximizing attendee engagement, and more. Share your accomplishments with your colleagues and friends!

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Make your event more successful as you earn points and badges 

By using features in specific areas, you can earn points and progress. Once you’ve achieved a certain amount of points, you’re able to earn the respective badge! To be more inclusive in recognizing the different strengths of an event organizer, we designed five different types of badges, each emphasizing on a unique specialty. Now, let’s explore our new Organizer Badges and how you can earn them!

Dedicated Warrior: Creating an accessible event is a cornerstone of the “Dedicated Warrior” badge. This entails understanding the diverse needs of potential attendees and actively working to remove any barriers that could prevent them from participating fully. You can earn points towards this badge by attending the Whova Academy Workshop, adding to your event agenda, setting up tickets and publishing your registration page, and publishing your event app

Organizer Hero: The “Organizer Hero” is an individual who demonstrates exceptional skills in event management and utilizes the Whova platform to its fullest potential, effectively streamlining and simplifying the otherwise tedious tasks associated with organizing events. Try earning points towards this badge by sending out personal speaker forms, generating name badges and certificates for your event, and checking in your attendees.

Communicating Wizard:  The “Communicating Wizard” is a skilled event organizer who excels in the art of communication, using their expertise to keep attendees informed and create exceptional experiences for everyone involved. Their ability to effectively convey event-related information and address their needs sets them apart as a true master of event communication. The “Communicating Wizard” keeps attendees informed & creates great experiences for all. You can earn points towards this badge by setting up your agenda webpage, adding speaker widgets to your event website, and sending emails and announcements to attendees. 

Creative Unicorn: The “Creative Unicorn” is an extraordinary event organizer who possesses a unique blend of creativity and resourcefulness, using their innovative approach to keep attendees engaged throughout the event. Their ability to think outside the box and implement imaginative strategies sets them apart as a true master of attendee engagement.You can earn points towards this badge by creating discussion topics, suggesting meet-ups, adding photos or a community leaderboard contest, and displaying a social wall at your event.  

Empathizing Heart: The “Empathizing Heart” is an event organizer who places a strong emphasis on understanding and empathizing with attendees’ needs and experiences. This individual proactively collects attendee feedback throughout the event and uses that valuable input to continuously improve and refine the event’s offerings. By fostering an environment of open communication and genuine care, the “Empathizing Heart” creates a more attendee-centric and successful event. You can earn points towards this badge by creating polls and surveys for your attendees to maximize their experience during the event, as well as creating a session feedback form for after the event to further emphasize your desire to improve.  

Showcase your dedication, efforts and achievements to your boss and colleagues

An event organizer’s job, while extremely important, can often go unnoticed. Through our Organizer Badge system, you now have a way to show off your skills and expertise to your event committee, colleagues, and boss. Earning points and badges allows you to have quantifiable proof that your dedication and achievement are paying off, allowing you to build your reputation and advance your career.

Show off the badges you’ve earned! 

Find out whether you’re utilizing Whova more than other events, and where you can improve to maximize your ROI

By leveraging Whova and assessing your event’s performance through the ranking system and number of badges you’ve earned, you can gain valuable insights into how effectively you are utilizing the platform and achieving a higher return on investment (ROI) compared to other events.

Compare your event’s ROI with Whova’s top users!

The ranking system, as well as your progress in each badge, provides a clear picture of your event’s standing, showcasing where you excel and areas that may need improvement. By comparing your event to top-performing events on the Whova platform, you can identify best practices and innovative strategies that lead to success.

A chance to win a $100 gift card

By earning more badges, you even have the opportunity to win a $100 gift card and to speak at Whova’s monthly “Experts of Whova” session. The events with the highest points at the end of each month are entered into a raffle for a chance to win. Our monthly “Experts of Whova” session is a perfect platform for you to share your unique tips on how to maximize Whova usage with other event organizers!

Start progressing towards your Organizer Badges now! 

Our latest release introduces an inclusive gamification system for any event organizer. By earning points and badges, you can showcase expertise, achievements, and dedication. Our badges are inclusive of the many different traits that make a great event organizer. Additionally, organizers can win a $100 gift card and speak at the “Experts of Whova” event through a monthly raffle. The system fosters continuous improvement and provides valuable event ROI insights! 

To learn more about how you can start utilizing Whova’s all in-one-system, just sign up for a free demo below.

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