We are delighted to have been shortlisted for a record 6 different categories in the Event Technology Awards 2019. Whova has won Event Technology Awards for the last 3 consecutive years, and we are very excited to be shortlisted again in 2019.

None of this would be possible without our loyal customers, enthusiastic supporters, and valued Whova users. We would like to thank everyone for their continued feedback and support, as this is what allows us to keep improving our technology. Nothing makes our team happier than seeing organizers use Whova to create engaging and effective events more easily.

What Are the Event Technology Awards?

The Event Technology Awards (ETA) are the industry’s largest and most prestigious awards program — which is why they are also known as the “Oscars of the Event Technology Industry.” Every year, over 500 event professionals come together from around the globe to celebrate the most innovative event technology.

This year, Whova has been nominated for:

  • Best Event App
  • Best Conference Technology
  • Best Event Networking Technology
  • Best Attendee Management Technology
  • Best use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction (B2B)
  • Best use of Technology for Audience Participation

Whova also participates in the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Event Technology Supplier, which will be named at the Event Tech Awards ceremony in November in London. This award will open for public voting later this year. We will provide more information and ask for your valued support soon!

How Does Whova Solve Organizers’ Challenges?

We design our event technology with event organizers in mind, so you can avoid common event challenges and ensure an unparalleled experience for your attendees and participants.

1. Your Attendees Are Motivated to Download the App

For an event app to make a difference to your event (and increase your ROI), you need your attendees to download it.

With Whova, you can look forward to download rates of 60-95%. That’s because our app is highly rated on both the App Store and Google Play, and has been reviewed hundreds of times on G2 Crowd and Capterra. Your attendees feel confident about downloading our technology — and the experience only gets better as they use each of our engaging features.

2. Your Attendees Are Empowered to Participate in the Event

An event app can encourage your attendees to participate during your event, but Whova motivates your attendees to participate before, during, and after your event.

Before your event, your attendees can answer fun icebreaker questions to connect with one another, such as “What fruit or vegetable would you most want to be?” During the event, you and your speakers can run Live Polls, and your attendees and speakers can also share articles.

Your attendees can keep posting on the Community Board well after the event is over to avoid any missed connections. Plus, attendees who actively participate on the Whova app earn points. They are then ranked on the Leaderboard and can share their ranking through ready-made social media posts. This helps you create an event buzz for ongoing and future events.

Click here to see how Whova allows organizers to motivate their attendees to participate.

3. Your Event Participants Can Easily Engage Through the App

In addition to the Community Board and Live Polls, Whova offers many opportunities for different types of event participants to engage with each other.

For example, our mobile exhibitor directory and LeadGen solutions allow you to boost interactions between your exhibitors and attendees. This helps you overcome the typical challenges of large expos. Exhibitors can also attract attendees with custom mobile coupons, raffles, and giveaways on their interactive profiles that work in a similar way to Yelp.

Click here to see how Whova allows exhibitors and attendees to engage and interact.

4. Your Event Participants Can Network More Effectively

Your attendees can feel lost or lonely at large events, as they don’t know who to connect with. Thanks to Whova’s Attendee Matchmaking technology, you can take your events to a whole new level — without adding to your workload.

Whova’s SmartProfile technology pre-populates attendee profiles based on public information, and the matchmaking algorithm provides high-quality recommendations for people with commonalities. With just the press of a button, your attendees can message one another or conveniently self-organize Meet-ups with their matches through the Whova app.

Click here to find out how organizers encouraged networking through the Whova app.

5. You Can Save Time and Effort Organizing Busy Conferences

Your to-do list is as long as your arm. We understand that, which is why Whova technology aims to save you time and effort when it comes to tedious event tasks.

You can transform complicated spreadsheets into color-coded multitrack agendas for both websites and mobile by simply uploading a spreadsheet. Your speakers are also empowered to submit and update their own session details and bios through the Speaker Info Collector. This helps you create a speaker webpage without the back-and-forth email exchanges.

Whova also allows you to make professional-looking name badges quickly, thanks to a range of sleek templates and easy customization options. And when it comes to the big day, you can check in your attendees with just a click of a button through the Whova app or dashboard.

Click here to learn more about how Whova helps you save time.

We Look Forward to Supporting Your Event

Are you in search of an event app that can engage your attendees?

We are honored to be trusted by organizers around the world and can’t wait to help with your next event. Request more information about our event app now.


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