You know the feeling of being between a rock and a hard place. You want to run a smooth and enjoyable event for your attendees, but you have to stay under event planning budget. 

The average cost of hosting a conference can be overwhelming. You need a sleek website and printed brochures. Your exhibitors are a key event revenue source, so you’ll provide lead retrieval and QR scanning equipment to attract them. You’ve also heard that registration software have been raising their fees. Not to mention, your organizing team’s time is money.

With Whova’s all-in-one event management solution, you can organize an engaging event without breaking the bank. Everything has been designed so you can do it yourself quickly and easily, while still ensuring the most professional results.

1. Design An Event Website in Minutes and Easily Monitor Traffic

Costs saved: $3,000 to $10,000

With the Website Builder, you can save money creating webpages for your agenda, speakers, and sponsors and exhibitors. Even if you have a complex agenda with multiple tracks or a long speaker lineup, the Website Builder will generate professional-looking webpages. You can even monitor the web traffic to your agenda webpage through the Whova dashboard to get clear insights into your online visitors. And all this without ever hiring a developer!.

You can choose between sleek design templates to match the exact needs of your event, and customize your webpages for desktop and mobile. What’s more, any last-minute changes you make will be synced across your event website and event app. Usually for this level of custom design, you’d need to pay a top designer by the hour — but not with Whova. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Whova offers a range of sleek speaker webpage templates


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Once you’ve created your webpages, you can embed them onto your event website with one line of copy and paste. Don’t have a website for your event? Whova can host your webpages for you on a full-blown, pre-populated event website and save you any hosting costs.

2. Reduce Printing Costs by 60% With an Event App

Costs saved: $3,000 to $12,000

When you use Whova, there’s no need to print out agendas, handouts, or brochures for your long list of attendees. That’s because everything is available on the event app before, during, and after your event. 

Our event app functions like an extensive paper event program — only it’s more cost effective, environmentally-friendly, and practical. You don’t need to pay to get it shipped and your attendees won’t lose it. It also serves as a bi-directional communication channel between you and your attendees. You can easily make last-minute changes to event information, and send announcements to your attendees through push notifications.

Attendees can access your speaker and agenda webpages on their mobile devices or through the app. You can add helpful logistics to the event app in a matter of minutes, including floor maps, exhibitor and speaker information, presentation slides, and Wi-Fi passwords. Even if the Wi-Fi at your venue is spotty, Whova’s offline package allows your attendees to view event information without skipping a beat. 

3. Choose an Affordable Event Registration Platform

Costs saved: $3,900 for 500 registrants paying $1,000/ticket

Whova’s event registration software is among the most cost-effective solutions on the market. If your event is free, the Whova registration platform is also free! For paid events, you have the option to pass on a small ticket fee to registrants or pay nothing.

The registration fee is 3.0% with a $0.99 per-ticket fee. Many other registration software’s registration fees continue to rise. This makes Whova a real stand-out and a great option for event organizers who need to stick to a tight conference budget. 

For example, you can save $5,300 if you have 500 registrants paying $1,000 per ticket.


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The Whova registration platform saves you even more money because it comes with a whole suite of other cost-saving features, such as the Website Builder, event app, and lead retrieval tool. There are also many time-saving features and attendee engagement tools.

4. Ditch Expensive Lead Retrieval Tools for Sponsors and Exhibitors

Costs saved: $250 to $1,000 per lead retrieval tool

Are you trying to attract exhibitors and sponsors to your event to cover some of your conference costs? If you’re on a tight event budget, it can be hard to offer expensive solutions such as QR scanners and ibeacon-enabled technology to get sponsors and exhibitors onboard. 

With Whova, you don’t need any high-tech solutions to help your sponsors and exhibitors collect and retrieve leads. The lead retrieval app has a built-in QR scanner that is quick, easy, and effective. Your sponsors and exhibitors can use their smartphones to scan the QR code on an attendee’s name badge or event app. There’s no extra hardware or training costs required.

Many high-tech solutions provide only attendee contact information. Whova, on the other hand, offers valuable insights into leads with detailed profiles and interaction opportunities during and after your event. In short, the Whova lead retrieval app saves you money, while also ensuring a superior experience for your sponsors and exhibitors. It’s a no-brainer.

5. Save Labor Costs at Every Stage of Your Event

Costs saved: Priceless

When you’re organizing an event, time is money. If your organizing team is held up with tedious, manual processes, you’re wasting a ton of labor costs. 

Take check-in, for example. Do you usually have to wade through reams of paper to check in attendees by different sessions, monitor enrollment capacity, and make sure entrants have the correct ticket types? With Whova, you can do all these things at the same time, on the same dashboard. And because registration information syncs across multiple devices, you can have your entire organizing team checking in attendees on different devices. You won’t need to hire any extra team members.

If you’re making name badges for your attendees, Whova’s Name Badge Generator can save your precious money and effort, too. With 17 stylish templates and easy customization options, you don’t need a designer to make branded badges in minutes. You can also skip the shipping and handling costs by printing out your own name badges on demand. Use whatever printer you have in the office!

Whova's wide range of professional name badge templates


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6. Make Well-Informed Event Management Decisions

Costs saved: Anywhere from $10 to $10,000

At a busy event, you often need to adapt to changing circumstances. For example, how big of a room do you need to rent out for an extra session? Maybe you also need to figure out how much catering to provide (and whether there are any dietary restrictions to bear in mind). 

Having to make these decisions is already stressful, and that’s before you consider how any miscalculations will impact your conference costs. After all, a conference room you can barely fill will set you back up to $2,000 per day, while dinner for just one attendee who doesn’t shows up can cost around $200.

Whova’s 9 survey templates and live poll question bank help you save time finding out important information from your attendees. Choose from over 100 event-specific questions to inspire your live poll or pre-event survey, and easily customize for your exact needs. Within minutes, you’ll have the materials you need to get key feedback and avoid wasting money at your event. 

7. Promote Your Event More Easily and Effectively

Costs saved: $5,000

With Whova, you can sell more tickets with lower marketing and labor costs. How? In addition to stunning webpages, you can create and share sleek social media graphics without the help of a marketing agency or graphic designer.

Whova automatically generates branded images for your event based on the event information you add to the dashboard. There’s no manual input or editing — all you have to do is select from the 24 stylish templates. Then, when you’re ready to post on social media, you can schedule your image directly in the Whova dashboard. It’s that simple.

You can also leverage your event attendees to promote your event and create a social media buzz. When speakers submit their information, Whova automatically creates professional, shareable images with their headshots and session information. As industry thought leaders, your speakers likely have thousands of online followers — and you don’t have to spend any time, money, or effort to reach them.

What’s more, if attendees make it onto the Leaderboard for being the most active users of the event app community, Whova prompts them to share their position on social media. The powerful software automatically creates image options and text for their post, so all they have to do is click the button. It’s free and effective event marketing and less pressure on your event budget!

8. Sell More Tickets With Whova’s Event Promotion Features

Costs saved: Priceless

With Whova, you can sell more tickets for your event more easily. This helps you increase your event revenue while lowering your marketing costs. It’s all thanks to our event promotion features that are included on the dashboard.

You can attract more registrants to your event with the professional webpages you create through Whova’s Website Builder. The social media graphics that Whova automatically generates for your unique event can also help you go viral on social media. This drives more signups for your event without costing you any time or money.

Save Costs With an All-in-One Event Management Solution

You can save thousands of dollars if you use a bundle of great features instead of multiple stand-alone tools. What’s more, an all-in-one software will streamline your workflow, saving you valuable effort and time to boot.

Request a demo to see how you can save money at your next event and to schedule your free Whova trial.


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