Event surveys are important for the success and improvement of your event. Pre-event surveys can help you prepare for an upcoming event, while post event surveys help you improve your future events.

However, creating event survey questions from scratch can take hours when you’re already busy with a long to-do list. That’s why we’ve created 11 event survey templates with a total of 64 question examples ready for you to download and use! We examined over 500 event surveys and interviewed many event organizers to identify the most valuable questions.

64 Event Survey Question Examples & Templates

So what kind of questions should you include in your event surveys? It all depends on when you’re sending them out, what you want to achieve, and who you want to ask.

Template 1: General Post Event Survey Questions

1. To what extent did this conference meet your expectations? This question is a good starting point because it gives you a general idea of your attendees’ satisfaction with your event. If the answer is “Not very satisfied,” you can ask follow up questions to understand why.

2. What was the single most valuable takeaway from this conference? Asking an open-ended post event survey question like this will get your attendees to think about what they really learned and how they benefited from your event. From the responses, you’ll have a better sense of what content your attendees enjoy learning.

3. How engaging were the speakers at the conference? An engaging and fun presentation usually helps the audience learn more about the topic. This survey question helps you get attendee feedback on where your speakers could improve.

4. How valuable were the networking opportunities for your career development? Attendees come to your event not only to learn but also to network with fellow attendees and make new connections. Did you offer attendees ample opportunity to network? This post event survey question helps you get feedback on that!

5. How would you rate the venue and the location? This question helps you get a clear idea on whether your attendees were happy with the venue and the services. If the rate is low, you can ask for more details. Such information will help you make a better decision for your next event.

6. What do you expect to see in future conferences? Keep this question open ended. You might be surprised to see how creative your attendees can be and get great ideas for your next conference.

Event Survey Questions for Speakers

7. How helpful was the staff at the event to support your presentation? Asking your speakers if they received great support from your staff will help you identify how you can improve to prepare and support your speakers next time, both technically and logistically.

8. How satisfied were you with the engagement from the audience during your presentation? Speakers love to interact with the audiences. If the answer is “Not Very Satisfied”, one possible enhancement for the next event is to plan some pre-event warm up activities such as live polls, or let the moderators prepare some good questions ahead to make the Q&A more dynamic.

Event Survey Questions for Sponsors

9. How satisfied were you with the exposure your company received at this event? Your sponsors come to your event to create more brand awareness. If their answer to this question is “Very satisfied”, then keep doing what you’re doing. If they answer “not at all satisfied,” you might need to find new ways of creating visibility for them while keeping the attendees happy.

10. What sponsorship packages would you want us to offer at future events? This question from our post event survey template will give you insights into what your sponsors really want and help you make the sponsorship packages more attractive.

Event Survey Questions for Exhibitors

11. How satisfied were you with attendees’ interest in your digital exhibitor booth? If you utilize modern event technology like digital exhibitor booths, your attendees can visit the booths online and become leads for your exhibitors. It is important to see how much digital tools like this benefited your exhibitors. This event survey question will help you identify areas you can improve.

12. Could you tell us about any success stories or clients you’ve obtained from exhibiting at the conference? If some of your exhibitors share their success stories, you can use those as testimonials in your exhibitor prospectus to attract more exhibitors from your next event.


Template 2-11: Event Survey Questions for Different Event Types

Post event survey questions of different event types If you want to collect in-depth feedback related to your own specific event, tailor your questions to the type of event you’re organizing — an association annual meeting event, an academic conference, or an expo, for example. Below are some post event survey sample questions for specific types of events:

Template 2: Leadership Conferences (18 questions)

  • Please share one specific leadership skill you strengthened during this conference.
  • After attending the conference presentations, which of the following leadership topics which would you like to learn more about in more depth?

Template 3: Diversity Events (18 Questions)

  • To what extent did the presenters inform __[Your Organization’s]__ strategy for inclusion?
  • What do you believe your organization can improve upon to foster a safe and inclusive environment?

Template 4: Women’s Leadership Conferences (17 Questions)

  • How effective do you feel this conference was in addressing relevant issues for women in your community/industry?
  • Based on your experience, would you recommend this event to other women in your community/organization?

Template 5: Annual Association Meetings (18 Questions)

  • What do you feel is the most important benefit of __[Your Association Name]__ membership?
  • Would you recommend next year’s conference to friends/family/colleagues?

Template 6: Training Events (15 Questions)

  • Which aspect of the training sessions did you find most challenging?
  • To what extent did this training increase your knowledge?

Template 7: Healthcare Conferences (22 Questions)

  • Was the conference content scientifically sound and free of commercial bias?
  • Did the program have practical clinical value?

Template 8: Environmental Events (18 Questions)

  • What do you believe are the current knowledge gaps associated with__[Environmental Issue]_?
  • What do you believe is the immediacy of concern  for __[Environmental Issue]__?

Template 9: Career Development Events (17 Questions)

  • Can you share any plans currently underway at your organization/institution that will help with career readiness?
  • What type of education/training will you need for this career?

Template 10: Educators Conferences (19 Questions)

  • How useful will the topics covered be to you in your work/ school/ classroom?
  • How has this conference helped you reflect on the theme of __[Your Conference Theme]__ within your school or organization?

Template 11: Military Conferences (17 Questions)

  • Which military department are you representing?
  • How effective do you think this conference was in discussing currently relevant military and national security subjects?

Bonus: Pre Event Survey Questions

You can also use pre-conference survey questions to get to know attendee preferences ahead of time, so you can provide them with the best possible event experience. This survey can pop up when a person registers for your event. Pre-event survey questions might look like this:

  • What kind of SWAG do you prefer? (pens, paper for notes, tote bags?)
  • What are your food preferences? Food allergies? Intolerances?
  • What can we do to make your conference experience the best ever?
  • What tools or information do you need to enjoy the event?
  • What kind of social activities would you like to see organized during this event?
  • Which topics would you like the conference to cover?

Getting More Responses to Your Event Surveys

Event surveys do not necessarily ensure great responses if they aren’t right. We suggest that you encourage attendees to complete your surveys before leaving the venue. In our experience, the last lunch or coffee break is the best time to remind them about completing a survey.

Another way is to make your survey mobile-friendly or even conduct it through your event app. This way, you can increase the likelihood that attendees will respond while on-the-go at your event. Some event apps like Whova even use in-app notifications to remind attendees to fill out surveys, which helps boost response rates even higher.

Summary of Event Survey Questions Examples

The questions you ask your attendees impact the type of feedback you’ll receive. With some planning and forethought, you can encourage feedback and keep your attendees engaged. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

These 11 ready-to-use templates are built out of over 500 event surveys that have produced valuable feedback for many organizers. We’re still creating more event survey questions and templates to make your life easier. To learn more about our event technology, request more information here.


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