Feedback is important to your event success and improvement. Pre-event survey questions can help shape an event to attendee desires. Post-event feedback survey questions make your future events even better. Coming up with event survey questions can take up brain space you don’t have before an event. Let our survey template save you time. These questions have produced effective feedback for many organizers and are ready for you to use.

On the other hand, event survey questions are not the only way to generate great event feedback. Live polling is a great and effective way to get instant feedback in real time AND keep your attendees engaged and connected. We also provide plenty of usable live poll questions in our ready-to-use template.

Event survey questions for the whole event process

1) Pre-event survey: Wouldn’t it be great to get a pulse on what’s exciting attendees most before your event? You could use a pre-event survey to really get to know attendee’s preferences better so you are able to provide the attendee with the best event experience. This survey can pop up when a person registers. Whova can sync your registration page or event app to support a pre-event survey. 

Pre-event survey questions might look like this…

  • What kind of SWAG do you prefer? (pens, paper for notes, tote bags?)
  • What are your food preferences? Food allergies? Intolerances?
  • What can we do to make your conference experience the best ever?
  • What tools or information do you need to achieve the best experience?
  • What kind of social activities would you like to see organized during this event?
  • Which topics would you like the conference to cover?

Download a Survey Template (35 questions)

2) Post-event survey: Post-event surveys are the most typical surveys used by organizers to get feedback. Which post event survey questions you chose will impact the feedback you receive. Below are only a small sample of post-event evaluation questions you can use. But you can download our ready-to-use survey question template, which includes a comprehensive list of questions to collect the feedback you need to make your event the best yet.  

Questions for a post-event survey can look like this…

  • How was your experience with the suggested hotel accommodations?
  • How can we improve the check-in process?
  • Should we include longer or more breaks in-between sessions?
  • Name your top three speakers you would like to see next year
  • What is your best suggestion for how to improve the event?

We suggest that you encourage attendees to complete it before leaving the venue. In our experience, the last lunch or coffee break is the best time to encourage survey completion. Many event apps support not only a mobile survey but also per-session ratings, so check out what options available in your event app. When you design your survey questions, also consider your mobile respondents. SurveyMonkey gives general tips on making surveys look good on mobile device

If your event app has a public chat board like the Community Board, you can directly post questions and dive into conversations with attendees. This means you can get statistics from surveys, and also hear attendees’ voices through direct interactions with them.


Live poll questions for real time feedback and attendee engagement

Say you have a quick question for your attendees about how many of them would be sticking around for the last day’s lunch. Or you want to draw audience’s attention in opening remarks with interesting questions. Or you just want to have a little fun and get to know your attendees better in between sessions.  Whichever, a live poll is a nice way to increase attendee engagement and get great quantitative feedback. There are different types of audience response systems including a clicker and a live polling app, but these days a multifaceted event app including a live polling feature is more popular due to convenience.

Questions for a live poll are a bit different from event survey questions as it can also be used as icebreaker. However, you can also borrow some questions for pre-event surveys or opening remarks. So, download the full list below to get inspired.  

Download a Live Poll Template (50 questions)

1) Informed decision making before or during events: Live poll questions can help you make real time decisions during an event. You can also use it to collect accurate headcount for a competition that will keep your attendees engaged. This makes your job that much easier. 

Live polling can be the perfect place to ask questions like…

  • How many alcoholic beverages are you planning to consume at the reception?
  • How many of you are planning to stay for lunch or go out with new friends?
  • We ran out of notepads, how many people didn’t get one and would like one?
  • What time are you leaving for the airport?

2) Increasing attendee engagement: With Live poll questions in the Whova app, you or speaker can project the live poll questions and answers on a presentation screen for all to see. This has the potential to spark conversation and inspiration. While participating in the polls and seeing the dynamic results, attendees would feel more a part of the event experience. Event Manager Blog also listed a live polling as one of the engagement ideas for speakers

Live polling questions of this type can look like this…

  • How many of you have been influenced by Dr. Gunther’s work
  • How many of you have experience using a product like the one I’m presenting?
  • How many of you are interested in meetup after this session for further discussion?
  • What city should we have our next conference in?
  • Which startup team should be awarded the People’s Choice Award?

3) Getting to know attendees: Using live poll questions can also be a great way to get to know your attendees and for the attendees to get to know more about each other. 

Questions might look like this…

  • Where is your country of origin?
  • How many times have you attended this conference?
  • What topics (or exhibitors) interest you the most?
  • Would you arrive on Sunday, and be interested in hang out with early arrivals?

You can further check all the 50 live poll questions in a ready-to-use template to get inspired.

Here you can also find a story about how a conference utilizes a live polling to improve attendee participation. Are you interested in further exploring creative ways to engage attendees, going beyond live polling?  This step-by-step guideline for attendee engagement would be useful. 

Collect Feedback Effectively, Keep Attendees Engaged

Asking good questions can certainly impact the feedback you receive. But with a little pre-planning and forethought, you can get amazing feedback that will not only serve you as an organizer, but also will keep your attendees engaged. That’s a win-win for everyone involved.

The Whova app provides effective ways to launch your surveys and live polling questions through an event app. If you are interested in learning more, please request more information here. 


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