We’re excited to share that Whova has been recognized by the “Oscars of Event Technology” — Event Technology Awards for the 8th year in a row! Hosted by Event Tech Live, the world’s leading event tech expo, it is the event industry’s most prestigious awards show, focused only on spotlighting the best event technologies. 

In the past, Whova has won the Best Event App, Best Event Networking Technology, and the People’s Choice Award, among others. We are extremely grateful to all of our customers, users and supporters. We couldn’t have come this far without you!  

This year, we made it into the finals for 6 awards: 

  • Best Event Management Platform
  • Best Event App
  • Best Conference Technology
  • Best Ticketing Technology
  • Best Use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction
  • Best Event Networking Technology

We are also participating in the People’s Choice Award. If you love Whova, please vote for us!

How Does Whova Help Event Organizers? 

While a great honor to be a part of such a prestigious awards show, it’s no secret that Whova has done wonders to improve the lives of event organizers all around the world with groundbreaking features such as: 

All-in-One Event Management Platform: Designed to make event organizers’ lives easier and less stressful, Whova’s all-in-one event management platform simplifies event planning by centralizing tasks like registration, agenda management, name badge, check-in, surveys and polling, attendee engagement, speaker communication, and more. 

With recent releases such as new compatibility with popular label printers to enhance name badge printing, session-based self check-in capabilities, dedicated messaging portal for communicating with speakers, and even improved forms with new consent and terms support, Whova is the best option for any organizer in need. 

Best Rated Event App: One of the biggest factors that sets Whova apart from the rest is our cutting-edge mobile app, designed to fit the needs of any event. Utilizing Whova’s mobile app for your event enhances attendee accessibility, engagement, and communication with real-time updates, personalized scheduling, and networking opportunities. 

The app fosters interaction and participation, collects attendee feedback, all while reducing the need for printed materials and offering valuable data insights, resulting in a more efficient and engaging event experience.

Whova consistently pumps out new updates for the app, with recent additions such as one-on-one meeting scheduler to facilitate networking, in-app popups to assist with feedback completion, and video sharing to allow attendees to capture memorable moments. 

Cost-Effective Registration: An integral part of Whova is its seamless registration system. Using Whova streamlines your attendees’ registration with customizable forms, secure payment processing, and efficient ticket management. It integrates seamlessly with the event app, offers real-time analytics, and provides promotional tools to enhance attendee engagement and market your event effectively. 

Additionally, it ensures data security and compliance, simplifies on-site check-in, and ultimately contributes to a smoother and more organized registration experience for both event organizers and attendees.

Much like Whova’s other tools, its registration is constantly updated with new features, such as customized fields in registration that aid attendee profiles, dedicated exhibitor registration to simplify the registration process, email campaigns to your past event’s attendees for easier promotion, invite-only ticketing to ensure more event exclusivity when needed, and registration targeting that’s designed to increase sign-ups from those who may not have finished registering. 

Showcasing Sponsors and Exhibitors: Sponsors and exhibitors are a big part of many successful events. Whova offers them increased visibility, engagement opportunities, and lead generation tools. With lead retrieval, rotating banners, and digital booths, sponsors and exhibitors can connect with attendees effectively, promote their offerings, and capture valuable leads. Whova also provides post-event follow-up capabilities and data insights, allowing you to see quantifiable data on how you’re increasing leads for your sponsors and exhibitors. 

With recent sponsor and exhibitor related updates such as rotating sponsor banners for enhanced sponsor visibility opportunities, outreach campaigns that allow them to reach out directly to attendees, and additional templates for more improved exhibitor/sponsor webpages, Whova gives you a plethora of ways to appeal to your valuable sponsors and exhibitors. 

Ready-to-Use Event Website and Webpages: An event website is nearly a necessity when organizing an event, as having a centralized hub for all event information is extremely important to have. Whova offers ways to construct a stunning event website, all within the event management platform. 

Ever since its initial release, Whova has consistently made updates to their website builder to increase organizer satisfaction. Whether this is by adding multiple agenda webpage opportunities for increased agenda readability or improved artifact webpages for displaying artifact information, Whova is sure to keep improving upon themselves tenfold. 

Great Customer Support and Training Resources: Not only does Whova provide great tools that aid in organizing a successful event, we also offer a large amount of support and training resources, including 16 weekly Whova Academy Workshops, 60+ feature specific tutorial videos and FAQs, 20+ Event Insider series on our Youtube channel, and a strong customer support team that’s ready to answer any questions. 

We Look Forward to Working With You!

Whether you’re organizing an association annual conference or a corporate event, Whova has the tools needed to make your event the best it can possibly be. With features that aid in event management, registration, sponsor and exhibitor lead generation, engagement, and marketing, we have everything you need. Let us be the foundation for one of your best events yet. 

For more information on how Whova can level up your event, sign up for a free demo below. And again, we are greatly appreciative of all of your support this Event Technology Awards season.

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